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Yuko Shimizu

Yuko Shimizu is an award-winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City. She was selected... more »

Yuko Takada Keller

Yuko Takada Keller is an artist, curator and essayist based in Helsinge, Denmark since 1997. The... more »

Yuli Berkovich

Yuli Berkovich was a scientist who has performed experiments with seed germination in zero... more »

Yulia Mavrina

Yulia Sergeyevna Mavrina — is a Ukrainian/Russian stage and film actress. She is known for the... more »

Yulia Tsibulskaya

Yulia Tsibulskaya is a Moldovan composer. She is known in Russian as Юлия Георгиевна Цибульская... more »

Yumi Ohka

Yumiko Abe is a Japanese professional wrestler better known by the ring name Yumi Ohka... more »

Yumiko Ashikawa

Yumiko Ashikawa è una cantautrice giapponese. more »

Yumiko Ishiguro

Yumiko Ishiguro is a Japanese synchronized swimmer who competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics. more »

Yumiko Okada

Yumiko Okada is a female professional 6 dan Go player. more »

Yun Chi-chang

Yun Chi-chang was South Korean Diplomat, politician and businessman. Nicknamed Namgye he was the... more »

Yun Chi-sung

Yun Chi-sung was an Imperial Korean general, politician and independence activist. His nickname... more »

Yun Chung-ok

尹 貞玉は、韓国の従軍慰安婦活動家。梨花女子大学英文科名誉教授、元・韓国挺身隊問題対策協議会共同代表。 more »

Yun Doo-su

Yun Doo-su was Korean Joseon Dynastys politicians and Writer, Neo-Confucian scholars. a penname... more »

Yun Geun-su

Yun Geun-su was Korean Joseon Dynastys politicians and Writer, Neo-Confucian scholars. a penname... more »

Yun Gil-ja

Yun Gil-ja is the parent of Choi Ji-woo. more »

Yun Il-seon

Yun Il-seon was a South Korean politician, pathologist, and anatomist. He was the 6th Chairman... more »

Yun Im

General Yun Im was a politician and soldier of the Korean Joseon Dynasty. He was from an... more »

Yun Kihyeon

Yun Kihyeon is a Korean Baduk player who has won the Guksu title twice. more »

Yun Won-hyung

Yun Won-hyung was the Korean Joseon Dynasty's writer, philosopher and politician. He was the... more »

Yun Yeong-ryeol

Yun Yeong-ryeol was a Korean Joseon Dynasty politician and soldier. nickname was Gyungjae,... more »

Yunju Daoying

Yunju Daoying was a Zen Buddhist monk during the late Tang Dynasty. According to traditional... more »

Yunus ibn Habib

Yunus ibn Habib was a reputable 8th-century Arab linguist. An early literary critic and expert... more »

Yunus Pasha

Yunus Pasha was an Ottoman statesman. He was Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire for eight months... more »

Yuri Alexandrovich Popov

Yuri Alexandrovich Popov is a well-known Russian paleoentomologist, the leading world expert in... more »

Yuri Khatchaturov

Yuri Khachaturov is the current Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia. more »

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