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Charles Jones

Charles Harry Jones was an English gardener and photographer, noted for his still lifes of fruit... more »

Charles Kerry

Charles Henry Kerry was an Australian photographer noted for his photographs that contributed to... more »

Charles Krebs

Charles Krebs is a photographer. more »

Charles Leander Weed

Charles Leander Weed was an American photographer, who was born in New York state in 1824, and... more »

Charles Lindsay

Charles Lindsay is an American inter-disciplinary artist whose work focuses on pattern... more »

Charles M. Conlon

Charles Martin Conlon was an American photographer. He worked for New York City newspapers in... more »

Charles MacFarland

Charles MacFarland is an Australian videographer, photographer, and producer who makes films... more »

Charles Marville

Charles Marville, the pseudonym of Charles François Bossu, was a French photographer, who mainly... more »

Charles Matton

Charles Matton was a Painter, Sculptor, Photographer, Screenwriter and Film Director more »

Charles Milton Bell

Charles Milton Bell was an American photographer who was noted for his portraits of Native... more »

Charles Moore

Charles Lee Moore was an American photographer most famous for his photographs documenting the... more »

Charles O'Rear

Charles "Chuck" O'Rear is an American photographer. His image, Bliss, is included in Windows XP... more »

Charles P. Mountford

Charles Pearcy Mountford was an Australian anthropologist and photographer. He is known for his... more »

Charles Page

Charles Page is a Brisbane-based documentary photographer, and lecturer at the Queensland... more »

Charles Paul Wilp

Charles Paul Wilp was a German advertising-designer, artist, photographer and short-movie-editor. more »

Charles Peterson

Charles Peterson is an American photographer well known for his work with the independent record... more »

Charles Porter IV

Charles Porter IV is a Pulitzer prize-winning photographer. more »

Charles Robinson

Charles Shane Robinson is an American professional wrestling referee currently signed to WWE. more »

Charles Roscoe Savage

Charles Roscoe Savage was a British-born landscape and portrait photographer who produced images... more »

Charles Russhon

Charles J. Russhon was an American photographer and Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air... more »

Charles Sheeler

Charles Sheeler was an American painter and commercial photographer. He is recognized as one of... more »

Charles Stanley

Charles Frazier Stanley is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in northern Atlanta,... more »

Charles William Bush

Charles William Bush is an advertising and celebrity photographer and the father of actress... more »

Charlie Fowler

Charlie Fowler was an American mountain climber, writer, and photographer. He was one of North... more »

Charlie Grosso

Charlie Grosso is a Chinese American artist and photographer based in California. She is best... more »

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