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Edmond Desbonnet

Edmond Desbonnet was a French academic and photographer who championed physical culture. He made... more »

Edmund Kesting

Edmund Kesting was a German photographer, painter and art professor. He studied until 1916 at... more »

Edmund Teske

Edmund Rudolph Teske was a 20th-century American photographer who combined a career of taking... more »

Edo Bertoglio

Edo Bertoglio is a Swiss photographer and film director. He is the director of Downtown 81. more »

Édouard Baldus

Édouard-Denis Baldus was a French landscape, architectural and railway photographer. Baldus was... more »

Édouard Belin

Édouard Belin was born in Vesoul, Haute-Saône on 5 March 1876, and died on 4 March 1963 in... more »

Edouard Boubat

Édouard Boubat was a French photojournalist and art photographer. more »

Édouard Levé

Édouard Levé was a French writer, artist, photographer. more »

Eduardo Gageiro

Portuguese photographer Eduardo Gageiro is widely considered the country's foremost photojournalist. more »

Eduardo Jimeno

Eduardo Jimeno Correas was a Spanish filmmaker and producer. He is considered one of the... more »

Eduardo Masferré

Eduardo Masferre was a Filipino photographer who made important documentary reports about the... more »

Eduardo Westerdahl

Eduardo Westerdahl was a Spanish painter, art critic and writer, and a member of the Surrealist... more »

Edward Anthony

Edward Anthony was an American photographer and one of the founders of E. & H. T. Anthony &... more »

Edward Bierstadt

Edward Bierstadt was an American portrait and landscape photographer, and engraver. He was a... more »

Edward Burtynsky

Edward Burtynsky, OC is a Canadian photographer and artist known for his large-format... more »

Edward Butera

Edward Butera is a graphic designer and the father of Ariana Grande. more »

Edward Colver

Edward Colver is a photographer. more »

Edward Gajdel

Edward Gajdel is a Polish born photographer based in Toronto, Canada, best known for his... more »

Edward Hirst

Edward Hirst is a picture editor, photographer, videographer and technical consultant... more »

Edward Lachman

Edward Lachman, A.S.C. is an American cinematographer. Lachman is mostly associated with the... more »

Edward Quinn

Edward Quinn was born in Ireland. He lived and worked as a photographer from the 1950s, on the... more »

Edward S. Curtis

Edward Sheriff Curtis was an ethnologist and photographer of the American West and of Native... more »

Edward Steichen

Edward Jean Steichen was an American photographer, painter, and art gallery and museum... more »

Edward Weston

Edward Henry Weston was a 20th-century American photographer. He has been called "one of the... more »

Edwin Smith

Edwin George Herbert Smith was an English photographer. He is best known for his distinctive... more »

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