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Ethan Vogt

Ethan Vogt is an American filmmaker, photographer, visual artist and festival producer. He is... more »

Étienne Carjat

Étienne Carjat, was a French journalist, caricaturist and photographer. He co-founded the... more »

Étienne-Jules Marey

Étienne-Jules Marey was a French scientist, physiologist and chronophotographer. His work was... more »

Ettore Roesler Franz

Ettore Roesler Franz was an Italian painter and photographer of German origin. Roesler Franz was... more »

Euan Duff

Euan Duff is a photographer and photo-journalist, born in 1939 to the political activist, Peggy... more »

Eudora Welty

Eudora Alice Welty was an American author of short stories and novels about the American South... more »

Eugène Atget

Eugène Atget was a French flaneur and a pioneer of documentary photography, noted for his... more »

Eugene de Salignac

Eugene de Salignac was an American photographer who worked for the Department of Bridges/Plant... more »

Eugène Lemaire

Eugène Lemaire was a Belgian pictorialist photographer. He is an excellent artist of portrait... more »

Eugène Pirou

Eugène Pirou was an early French filmmaker and photographer who made one of the first... more »

Eugene Raymond Hutchinson

Eugene Hutchinson was an American photographer. Like contemporaries Alfred Stieglitz and Edward... more »

Eugène Trutat

Eugène Trutat was a French naturalist, mountaineer, geologist and photographer, who was curator... more »

Eugenio Courret

Eugenio Courret or Eugène Courret was a French photographer who was based in Lima, Peru. more »

Eugenio Recuenco

Eugenio Recuenco is a photographer from Madrid, Spain, who works mostly in the publishing and... more »

Eugeniusz Lokajski

Eugeniusz Zenon Lokajski was a Polish athlete, gymnast and photographer. He is notable as the... more »

Eunice Harriett Garlick

Eunice Harriett Garlick was a New Zealand photographer. She was born in Mount Eden, Auckland,... more »

Eva Braun

Eva Anna Paula Hitler was the longtime companion of Adolf Hitler and, for less than 40 hours,... more »

Eva Vermandel

Eva Vermandel is a photographer born in Belgium in 1974 who relocated to London in 1996 to live... more »

Evan Freed

Evan Phillip Freed is an attorney and freelance photographer who traveled with and photographed... more »

Evan Seinfeld

Evan Seinfeld is an American musician and actor, as well as a director, photographer, and... more »

Evan Vucci

Evan Vucci is an Associated Press photographer based in Washington, D.C. A graduate of the... more »

Evangelo Costadimas

Evangelo Costadimas is a photographer and cinematographer. more »

Eve Arnold

Eve Arnold, OBE, Hon. FRPS was an American photojournalist. She joined Magnum Photos agency in... more »

Evelyn Cameron

Evelyn Cameron was a Terry, Montana based photographer. British-born Cameron, and her naturalist... more »

Everard F. im Thurn

Sir Everard Ferdinand im Thurn, KCMG, KBE, CB was an author, explorer, botanist, photographer... more »

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