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Linda Maraniss

Linda Maraniss is the wife of American journalist and author David Maraniss. more »

Linda McCartney

Linda Louise, Lady McCartney was an American musician, photographer and animal rights activist,... more »

Linda Palmer

Linda Palmer is an actress, playwright, photographer, screenwriter, film producer, production... more »

Linda Troeller

Linda Troeller is a photographer. more »

Linda Wolf

Linda Wolf, is an American-born photographer and writer, and founder of the nonprofit... more »

Lindsay Grace

Lindsay Grace is a video game designer, artist and professor who currently lives in Washington,... more »

Lindsay McCrum

Lindsay McCrum is a photographer. more »

Linnaeus Tripe

Linnaeus Tripe was a British photographer, best known for his photographs of India and Burma... more »

Lionel Deluy

Lionel Deluy is a French fashion photographer, celebrity photographer and music photographer . more »

Lionel Wendt

Lionel Wendt was a Sri Lankan musician, photographer, literature collector,critic, and... more »

Lique Schoot

Lique Schoot is a Dutch visual artist who is preoccupied with the self-portrait in a... more »

Lisa Ayers

Lisa Ayers is the sister of actress Lorry Ayers. more »

Lisa Bettany

Lisa Bettany is a Canadian technology entrepreneur and photographer. She is a cofounder of the... more »

Lisa Boyle

Lisa Doreen Boyle is an American model known for her appearances in Playboy magazine and its... more »

Lisa Hellen

Lisa Hellen is an artist, photographer, model and businessperson. more »

Lisa Jane Persky

Lisa Jane Persky is an American actress, journalist, author, artist, and photographer. more »

Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine is a photographer. more »

Lisa Law

Lisa Law is an American photographer and filmmaker, who is best known for the book and... more »

Lisa Leone

Lisa Leone is a cinematographer and film director. more »

Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie Smith is an American model and actress, who uses simply Lisa Marie as her... more »

Lisa Marie Kubikoff

Lisa Marie Kubikoff is an actress, film producer and photographer. more »

Lise Sarfati

Lise Sarfati is a French photographer. Her images of cities in Russia and young people in the... more »

Liselotte Grschebina

Liselotte Grschebina is an Israeli photographer. more »

Lisette Model

Lisette Model was an Austrian-born American photographer. more »

Little Sonny

Little Sonny is an American electric blues harmonica player, singer and songwriter. His early... more »

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