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Marc Philippon

Dr. Marc J. Philippon, is recognized worldwide for his work as an orthopaedic surgeon... more »

Marc Schlumberger

French psychoanalyst (1900-1977) more »

Marc Siegel

Marc Siegel is an American author and doctor. He is an associate professor of medicine at NYU... more »

Marc Twagirumukiza

Marc Twagirumukiza is a Belgian physician and an international senior clinical researcher in the... more »

Marc Van Ranst

Marc Van Ranst is a Belgian virologist and epidemiologist at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven... more »

Marcel Junod

Marcel Junod was a Swiss doctor and one of the most accomplished field delegates in the history... more »

Marcel Lermoyez

Marcel Lermoyez was a French otolaryngologist and surgeon who was a native of Cambrai. more »

Marcel Petiot

Marcel André Henri Félix Petiot was a French doctor and serial killer. He was convicted of... more »

Marcel Roche

Marcel Roche Dugand was a physician, scientist and scientific leader. He was born into a wealthy... more »

Marcelle Machluf

Prof. Marcelle Machluf is a senior lecturer at the Technion Faculty of Biotechnology and Food... more »

Marcello Malpighi

Marcello Malpighi was an Italian physician and biologist regarded as the father of microscopical... more »

Marcellus Empiricus

Marcellus Empiricus, also known as Marcellus Burdigalensis, was a Latin medical writer from Gaul... more »

Marcelo Cano Rodríguez

Marcelo Cano Rodríguez is a Cuban physician and a member of the Comisión Cubana de Derechos... more »

Marci Bowers

Marci Lee Bowers is an American gynecologist who operated a surgical practice in Trinidad,... more »

Marcia Angell

Marcia Angell, M.D., is an American physician, author, and the first woman to serve as... more »

Marcie Leeds

Marcie Leeds is an actress and Physician. more »

Marcin of Urzędów

Marcin of Urzędów was a Polish Roman Catholic priest, physician, pharmacist and botanist known... more »

Marco Antonio Adame

Marco Antonio Adame Castillo is a Mexican politician, physician, and member of the National... more »

Marco Antonio Zago

Marco Antonio Zago is a Brazilian physician and prominent medical scientist, who is active in... more »

Marcu Hirs Copelovici

Marcu Hirs Copelovici was the father of Roland Copé. more »

Marcus Clarke

Marcus Carlyle Clarke was an Australian medical doctor who at the age of 23 was appointed... more »

Marcus Conant

Marcus Augustine Conant, is a leading American dermatologist and one of the first physicians to... more »

Marcus de Laune Faunce

Marcus de Laune "Marc" Faunce, CVO, AM, OBE, FRCP, FRACP was a Canberra consultant physician,... more »

Marcus Fernando

Sir Hilarian Marcus Fernando, FRCP was a pre-independence Ceylonese statesmen, physician and... more »

Marcus J. Goldman

Marcus Jacob Goldman, MD, is a physician, board certified in psychiatry with past certifications... more »

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