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Marvin Haskin

Marvin Haskin was a physician and Professor and Chairman of the Department of Diagnostic... more »

Mary Broadfoot Walker

Mary Broadfoot Walker was a British physician who first demonstrated the effectiveness of... more »

Mary Calderone

Mary Steichen Calderone was a physician and a public health advocate for sexual education. She... more »

Mary Chaumette

Mary Chaumette is a physician. more »

Mary Corinna Putnam Jacobi

Mary Corinna Putnam was an American physician, writer, and suffragist. She crusaded for the... more »

Mary Edwards Walker

Mary Edwards Walker was an American feminist, abolitionist, prohibitionist, alleged spy,... more »

Mary Elizabeth Blanchard

Mary Elizabeth Blanchard is the sister of Heisman Tropy winner Doc Blanchard. more »

Mary Ellen Wohl

Mary Ellen Beck Wohl was chief of the respiratory diseases division at Children's Hospital... more »

Mary Herring

Dame Mary Ranken Lyle Herring, DBE, CStJ was an Australian physician and community worker. more »

Mary Hill Fulstone

Dr. Mary Hill Fulstone was an American physician. When she retired from practicing medicine at... more »

Mary Howell

Mary Catherine Raugust Howell was a physician, psychologist, lawyer, mentor, musician and... more »

Mary Lane Cobb

Mary Lane Cobb is a retired physician and the mother of Keith Hamilton Cobb. more »

Mary McCoo

Mary McCoo is a physician and the mother of Marilyn McCoo. more »

Mary Percy Jackson

Dr. Mary Percy Jackson, OC, AOE was an English medical practitioner in the Canadian province of... more »

Mary Phylinda Dole

Mary Phylinda Dole was an American physician. Born in Massachusetts, she graduated from Mount... more »

Mary Powell Johnson

Mary Powell Johnson was a physician and founder of Mid-Columbia Medical Center formerly known as... more »

Mary Ruwart

Mary J. Ruwart, PhD is a research scientist and libertarian speaker, writer, and activist. She... more »

Mary S. Sherman

Mary Stults Sherman was an orthopedic surgeon and cancer researcher in New Orleans,... more »

Mary Scharlieb

Dame Mary Scharlieb, DBE was a pioneer British female physician in the late 19th/early 20th... more »

Mary Verghese

Mary Puthisseril Verghese was a physician in India who was among the earliest pioneers of... more »

Maryam bint Abdullah

Maryam bint Abdullah is the daughter of Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. more »

Masaki Murayama

Masaki Murayama is the father of Noé Murayama. more »

Masako Ogawa

Masako Ogawa was a Japanese doctor who worked at the Nagashima Aiseien Sanatorium. She wrote a... more »


Māsarjawaih was one of the earliest Jewish physicians in the Arab world, and the earliest... more »


Yuhanna ibn Masawaih, also written Ibn Masawaih, Masawaiyh, and in Latin Mesue, Masuya, Mesue... more »

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