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Aulus Caecina

Aulus Caecina Was the Roman general in charge of the Roman army of Germania Inferior during the... more »

Aulus Caecina Alienus

Aulus Caecina Alienus, Roman general, was born in Vicetia. He was quaestor of Hispania Baetica... more »

Aulus Didius Gallus

Aulus Didius Gallus was a Roman general and politician of the 1st century AD. He was governor of... more »

Aulus Didius Gallus Fabricius Veiento

Aulus Didius Gallus Fabricius Veiento was a Roman politician and an adept in the art of... more »

Aulus Gabinius

Aulus Gabinius was a Roman statesman, general and supporter of Pompey. He was a prominent figure... more »

Aulus Hirtius

Aulus Hirtius was one of the consuls of the Roman Republic and a writer on military subjects. He... more »

Aulus Hostilius Mancinus

Aulus Hostilius Mancinus was a Roman consul in the year 170 BCE, together with Aulus Atilius... more »

Aulus Plautius

Aulus Plautius was a Roman politician and general of the mid-1st century. He began the Roman... more »

Aulus Postumius Albinus

Aulus Postumius Albinus, apparently the son of Aulus Postumius Albinus Luscus, was praetor in... more »

Aulus Postumius Albinus

Aulus Postumius Albinus, was a politician of the Roman Republic, and second consul in 99 BC with... more »

Aulus Postumius Albinus Luscus

Aulus Postumius Albinus Luscus was a politician of Ancient Rome, of patrician rank, of the 2nd... more »

Aulus Postumius Albus Regillensis

Aulus Postumius Albus Regillensis was an ancient Roman who, according to Livy, was dictator in... more »

Aung Khin

Aung Khin was mayor of Yangon from 1986 to 1988. more »

Aung Kyi

Aung Kyi is the incumbent Minister of Information, and previously the Minister of Labor and... more »

Aung San

Bogyoke Aung San; 13 February 1915 – 19 July 1947 was a Burmese revolutionary, nationalist,... more »

Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi MP AC is a Burmese opposition politician and chairperson of the National League... more »

Aung Thein Lin

Aung Thein Lin is a Burmese politician, and a member of parliament at the Pyithu Hluttaw from... more »

Aurel Billstein

Aurel Billstein war ein deutscher Politiker. more »

Aurel Bylykbashi

Aurel Bylykbashi is a member of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania for the Democratic Party... more »

Aurel Onciul

Aurel Onciul was a Romanian moderate political leader in the Austrian Bukovina, prior to its... more »

Aurel Popovici

Aurel C. Popovici was an ethnic Romanian Austro-Hungarian lawyer and politician. Together with... more »

Aurèle Chartrand

Aurèle Chartrand was an Ontario barrister and political figure. He represented Ottawa East in... more »

Aurèle Desjardins

Aurèle Desjardins is a Quebec politician in the city of Gatineau. He is the councillor for the... more »

Aurèle Gervais

Aurèle Gervais is a former Canadian politician, who represented the electoral district of... more »

Aurelia Frick

Aurelia Frick is a Liechtenstein politician who serves as the current Minister of Foreign... more »

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