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Lagitupu Tuilimu

The Rt Hon Lagitupu Tulimu is a political figure from the Pacific nation of Tuvalu, who... more »

Lagle Parek

Lagle Parek is an Estonian stateswoman. She served as the Minister of the Interior in the first... more »

Lagumot Harris

HE Lagumot Gagiemem Nimidere Harris was a political figure from the Pacific nation of the... more »

Lahbib Choubani

Lahbib Choubani is a Moroccan politician of the Justice and Development Party. Since 3 January... more »

Lahcen Haddad

Lahcen Haddad is a Moroccan politician of the Popular Movement. Since 3 January 2012, he holds... more »

Lai Junchen

Lai Junchen was a secret police official during the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty and Wu Zetian's... more »

Lai Kin Hong

Lai Kin Hong is the President of the Tribunal de Segunda Instancia, an appellate court within... more »

Lai Kin Ian

Lai Kin Ian is the Director of Public Prosecution under the Procurator General of Macau. He is a... more »

Lai Meng Chong

Lai Meng Chong is a Malaysian politician of Chinese descent from the town of Machap Baru in... more »

Lai Teck

Lai Teck was a leader of the Communist Party of Malaya and Malayan People's Anti-Japanese Army... more »

Laila Bjurling

Laila Bjurling, born 1947, is a Swedish social democratic politician who has been a member of... more »

Laila Dåvøy

Laila Dåvøy is a Norwegian nurse and politician for the Christian Democratic Party. She is a... more »

Laila Freivalds

Laila Ligita Freivalds is a Swedish Social Democratic politician and who served as Minister for... more »

Laila Gustavsen

Laila Gustavsen is a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party. She served in the position of... more »

Laila Harré

Laila Jane Harré is a New Zealand politician and trade unionist. She was a Member of Parliament... more »

Laila Kaland

Laila Kaland was a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party. She was born in Gloppen. She was... more »

Laila Reiertsen

Laila Marie Reiertsen is a Norwegian politician from Hordaland, residing in Os representing the... more »

Laima Andrikienė

Laima Liucija Andrikienė is a Lithuanian politician, signatory of the Act of the... more »

Laine Randjärv

Laine Randjärv is an Estonian politician from the Reform Party. She was the Mayor of Tartu from... more »

Laisenia Qarase

Laisenia Qarase is a Fijian political figure. He served as the sixth Prime Minister of Fiji from... more »

Laishram Nandakumar Singh

Laishram Nandakumar Singh is a politician from Manipur, India. In 2002 and 2007 he was elected... more »

Lajim Ukin

Datuk Lajim Ukin is a Malaysian politician. He is the Member of the Parliament of Malaysia for... more »

Lajla Pernaska

Lajla Pernaska is a member of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania for the Democratic Party... more »

Lajos Batthyány

Count Lajos Batthyány de Németújvár was the first Prime Minister of Hungary. He was born in... more »

Lajos Bokros

Lajos András Bokros is a Hungarian economist and Member of the European Parliament for Hungary... more »

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