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David Buss

David M. Buss is a professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, known for his... more »

David C. Bradley

David C Bradley was a professor of psychology and a prominent neuroscientist at the University... more »

David C. Geary

David C. Geary is a notable United States cognitive developmental and evolutionary psychologist... more »

David C. Rowe

David C. Rowe was an American psychology professor known for his work studying genetic and... more »

David Eagleman

David Eagleman is a neuroscientist and writer at Baylor College of Medicine, where he directs... more »

David Elkind

David Elkind is a Jewish-American child psychologist and author. A longtime professor at Tufts... more »

David F. Bjorklund

David F. Bjorklund is a professor of psychology at Florida Atlantic University. His areas of... more »

David F. Duncan

David F. Duncan is president of Duncan & Associates, a firm providing consultation on research... more »

David Hartley

David Hartley was an English philosopher and founder of the Associationist school of psychology. more »

David Katz

David Katz was a German-born Swedish psychologist and educator. more »

David Keirsey

David West Keirsey was an American psychologist, a professor emeritus at California State... more »

David L. Shapiro

David L. Shapiro Maryland, New York, Florida, New Jersey) and the District of Columbia. He is... more »

David L. Wodrich

David L. Wodrich is an American psychologist, professor, researcher, and author. He is the Mary... more »

David Levy

David Anthony Levy is an American psychologist, professor, author, stage director and actor. He... more »

David Lisak

David Lisak is an American clinical psychologist. He received his PhD from Duke University, and... more »

David Loye

David Loye is an award winning author. more »

David Lubinski

David J. Lubinski is an American psychology professor known for his work in applied research,... more »

David M. Levy

David M. Levy was a psychologist. more »

David Marks

David Francis Marks is a psychologist, author and editor of twenty books largely concerned with... more »

David Marr

David Courtnay Marr was a British neuroscientist and psychologist. Marr integrated results from... more »

David Matsumoto

David Matsumoto is an author, psychologist and judoka. His areas of expertise include culture,... more »

David McClelland

David Clarence McClelland was an American psychologist, noted for his work on Need Theory. He... more »

David McDonald

David McDonald is a clinical psychologist and the father of Paul McDonald. more »

David McNeill

David McNeill is an American psychologist and writer specializing in scientific research into... more »

David Myers

David G. Myers is a professor of psychology at Hope College in Michigan, United States, and the... more »

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