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Donald Pennington

Donald Pennington is a British psychologist who is also the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and professor of... more »

Donald Rubin

Donald Bruce Rubin is the John L. Loeb Professor of Statistics at Harvard University. He was... more »

Donald Shankweiler

Donald P. Shankweiler is an eminent psychologist and cognitive scientist who has done pioneering... more »

Donald Symons

Donald Symons is an American anthropologist best known as one of the founders of evolutionary... more »

Donald T. Campbell

Donald Thomas Campbell was an American social scientist. He is noted for his work in... more »

Donald Winnicott

Donald Woods Winnicott was an English paediatrician and psychoanalyst who was especially... more »

Doreen McAndrew DiDomenico

Doreen McAndrew DiDomenico is an American Democratic Party politician, who represents District 1... more »

Doris Twitchell Allen

Doris Twitchell Allen was a noted psychologist and the founder of Children's International... more »

Dorothy Dinnerstein

Dorothy Dinnerstein was an American feminist academic and activist, best known for her book The... more »

Dorothy Nyswander

Dorothy Bird Nyswander, was an American health educator. She graduated with masters and... more »

Dorothy Rowe

Dr. Dorothy Rowe is an Australian psychologist and author, whose area of interest is depression... more »

Dorothy Tennov

Dorothy Tennov was an American psychologist who, in her 1979 book Love and Limerence – the... more »

Dorree Lynn, Ph.D

Dorree Lynn, Ph.D. Psychologist for close to four decades and life coach in Washington, D.C. and... more »

Doug Lisle

Doug Lisle is a psychologist. more »

Douglas Dick

Douglas Dick is a retired American actor and psychiatrist. more »

Douglas LaBier

Douglas LaBier is a business psychologist, psychotherapist, and writer. He is the Founder and... more »

Dr Joseph L. Henderson

Dr Joseph L. Henderson was a physician. more »

Dr. Cathy McLain

Dr. Cathy McLain is an education psychologist. more »

Dr. Tess Hightower

Dr. Tess Hightower is the wife of actor Richard Gautier. more »

Dr.Samuel Leo Von Ornsteiner

Dr.Samuel Leo Von Ornsteiner is a psychologist. more »

Drew Westen

Drew Westen is professor in the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at Emory University in... more »

Du Zuozhou

Du Zuozhou was a Chinese educator, writer and psychologist. more »

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