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David Ostry

David J. Ostry is an engineer and neuroscientist whose research focuses on human motor... more »

David P. Barash

David P. Barash is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington, and is notable for... more »

David P. Campbell

David P. Campbell is an American psychologist who co-authored the Strong-Campbell Interest... more »

David P. Hurford

David P. Hurford is a psychologist and researcher who specializes in dyslexiadyslexia/reading... more »

David P. Schmitt

David P. Schmitt is a personality psychologist who founded the International Sexuality... more »

David Perrett

David Ian Perrett FBA FRSE is a professor of psychology at the University of St Andrews in... more »

David Premack

David Premack is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. He was... more »

David R Olson

David Richard Olson is a Canadian cognitive developmental psychologist who has studied the... more »

David Reiss

David Reiss is a Psychiatrist and Researcher. He currently is a Clinical Professor in the Yale... more »

David Rosenhan

David L. Rosenhan was an American psychologist. He is best known for the Rosenhan experiment, a... more »

David Rubin

David C. Rubin is Professor of Psychology at Duke University. He is known for his work on the... more »

David Rumelhart

David Everett Rumelhart was an American psychologist who made many contributions to the formal... more »

David Sarwer

David B. Sarwer, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist and Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry and... more »

David Seabury

David Seabury was an American psychologist, author, and lecturer. While practicing as a... more »

David Shakow

David Shakow was an accomplished American psychologist. He is perhaps best known for his... more »

David Smail

David Smail is a British clinical psychologist who is a proponent of a social materialist... more »

David T. Lykken

David Thoreson Lykken was a behavioral geneticist and Professor Emeritus of Psychology and... more »

David Tzuriel

David Tzuriel is an Israeli clinical and educational psychologist. His expertise is dynamic... more »

David V. Canter

David Victor Canter is a psychologist. He began his career as an architectural psychologist... more »

David Walsh

David Walsh is an American psychologist, educator, and author specializing in parenting, family... more »

David Wechsler

David "Wex" Wechsler was a leading American psychologist. He developed well-known intelligence... more »

Davina Kotulski

Davina Kotulski, Ph.D., born on January 22, 1970, is a well-known, long-time marriage equality... more »

Dawn Blake

Dawn Blake is a psychologist and the wife of Corey Michael Blake. more »

Deborah Anderson

Deborah Anderson is a psychologist. more »

Deborah J. Stipek

Deborah J. Stipek was the dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Education. She was appointed... more »

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