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Dedre Gentner

Dedre Gentner is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University. She is... more »

Deirdre Barrett

Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D. is an author and psychologist who teaches at Harvard Medical School. She... more »

Deirdre MacIntyre

Deirdre MacIntyre is the sister of Irish journalist Donal MacIntyre. more »

Delora Vincent

Delora Vincent is the mother of Vin Diesel. more »

Denis Pelli

Denis Pelli is a Professor of Psychology and Neural Science at New York University studying... more »

Denise Greenberg

Denise Greenberg is a psychologist. more »

Dennis Howitt

Dennis Howitt is a British psychologist. He is a reader in Applied Psychology at Loughborough... more »

Dennis Marcellino

Dennis Marcellino is an American musician, speaker and author of psychology, philosophy,... more »

Dennis Shulman

Dennis G. Shulman is an internationally respected clinical psychologist, psychotherapist,... more »

Derek Edwards

Derek Edwards is a Canadian stand-up comedian and actor from Timmins, Ontario. He went to... more »

Derek Summerfield

Derek Summerfield is an honorary senior lecturer at London's Institute of Psychiatry and a... more »

Diana Deutsch

Diana Deutsch is a British-American perceptual and cognitive psychologist, born in London,... more »

Diana Kirschner

Diana Adile Kirschner is an American psychologist and author. Early in her career she was... more »

Diane F. Halpern

Diane F. Halpern is an American psychologist and past-president of the American Psychological... more »

Diane Moore

Diane Moore is a psychologist. more »

Diane Watson

Diane Edith Watson is a former US Representative for California's 33rd congressional district,... more »

Diane Wiest

Diane Wiest is psychologist. more »

Dietrich Dörner

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Dörner is emeritus professor for General and Theoretical Psychology at the... more »

Dimitri Uznadze

Dimitri Uznadze was a famous Georgian psychologist, philosopher and public benefactor, founder... more »

Dirk W. Mosig

Yōzan Dirk W. Mosig is a psychologist, historian, literary critic and ordained Zen monk noted... more »

Don Beck

Don Edward Beck is a teacher, geopolitical advisor, and theorist focusing on applications of... more »

Don Clark

Donald H. Clark is an American writer, teacher, consultant and clinical psychologist who has... more »

Donald Baer

Donald M. Baer was a psychologist who contributed to the applied behavior analysis movement and... more »

Donald Broadbent

Donald Eric Broadbent FRS was an influential experimental psychologist from the U.K. His career... more »

Donald Olding Hebb

Donald Olding Hebb FRS was a Canadian psychologist who was influential in the area of... more »

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