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Irene Pepperberg

Irene Maxine Pepperberg is a scientist noted for her studies in animal cognition, particularly... more »

Irene Uchida

Irene Ayako Uchida, OC was a Canadian scientist and Down syndrome researcher. Born in Vancouver,... more »

Iris M. Ovshinsky

Iris M. Ovshinsky was an American businesswoman and scientist, and the co-founder of Energy... more »

İrşadi Aksun

M. İrşadi Aksun is an award-winning Turkish professor of electrical and electronics engineering... more »

Irvin D. Yalom

Irvin David Yalom M.D. is an American existential psychiatrist who is Emeritus Professor of... more »

Irvine Page

Irvine Heinly Page was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and was an American physiologist who played... more »

Irving Langmuir

Irving Langmuir was an American chemist and physicist. His most noted publication was the famous... more »

Isaac Beeckman

Isaac Beeckman was a Dutch philosopher and scientist, who, through his studies and contact with... more »

Isaac de Sequeira Samuda

Isaac de Sequeira Samuda or Isaac de Sequeyra Samuda was a British physician. He was the first... more »

Isaac ibn Sid

Isaac ibn Sid was a Spanish-Jewish astronomer; he flourished at the Toledo School of Translators... more »

Isaac Israeli ben Joseph

Isaac Israeli ben Joseph or Yitzhak ben Yosef was a Spanish-Jewish astronomer/astrologer who... more »

Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton PRS MP was an English physicist and mathematician who is widely regarded as one... more »

Isaak Kikoin

Isaak Konstantinovich Kikoin was a leading Soviet physicist and academician of the Academy of... more »

Isaak Markovich Khalatnikov

Isaak Markovich Khalatnikov is a Soviet physicist, well known for his role in developing the BKL... more »

Isaak Mazepa

Isaak Prokhorovych Mazepa was a Ukrainian politician. more »

Isabelle Liberman

Isabelle Yoffe Liberman was an American psychologist, born in Latvia, who was an expert on... more »

Isamu Akasaki

Isamu Akasaki is a Japanese scientist, known for inventing the bright gallium nitride p-n... more »

Ishfaq Ahmad

Ishfaq Ahmad, is a Pakistani nuclear scientist, emeritus professor of high-energy physics at the... more »

Ishwar Puri

Ishwar Kanwar Puri is an Indian American scientist and engineer, and academic who lives in... more »

Isidoor Leusen

Isidoor Leusen was a Belgian physiologist was awarded the Francqui Prize on Biological and... more »

Isidor Isaac Rabi

Isidor Isaac Rabi was a Polish-born American physicist and Nobel laureate, recognized in 1944... more »

Ismail Akbay

Ismail Akbay was the first Turk who worked for NASA. He was born in Mudanya near Bursa, Turkey... more »

Israel Holmgren

Israel Holmgren was a Swedish scientist, physician and professor at the Karolinska University... more »

Isreal Kibirige Ssebunya

Dr. Israel Kibirige Sebunnya was a Ugandan cytogeneticist, agricultural researcher, academic and... more »

Iuliu Barasch

Iuliu Barasch or Baraş was a Galician-born Jewish physician and writer who made his career in... more »

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