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Edith Arnold

Edith Arnold was a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. more »

Edith Porada

Edith Porada was an art historian and archaeologist, a leading authority on ancient cylinder... more »

Edme-Sébastien Jeaurat

Edme-Sébastien Jeaurat was a French astronomer most notable for publishing a map of the 64 stars... more »

Edmond Demolins

Edmond Demolins was a French pedagogue. more »

Edmond H. Fischer

Edmond Henri Fischer is a Swiss American biochemist. He and his collaborator Edwin G. Krebs were... more »

Edmond Keller

Edmond Joseph Keller, Jr. is an American Africanist. A graduate of Louisiana State University... more »

Edmund Andrews

Edmund Andrews was an American doctor, a pioneer in surgery and medical education of the Western... more »

Edmund Beecher Wilson

Edmund Beecher Wilson was a pioneering American zoologist and geneticist. He wrote one of the... more »

Edmund Leach

Sir Edmund Ronald Leach was a British social anthropologist of whom it has been said: "It is no... more »

Edmund Lesser

Edmund Lesser was a German dermatologist who was a native of Neisse. He studied medicine at the... more »

Edmund Montgomery

Edmund Duncan Montgomery was a Scottish philosopher, scientist and physician. more »

Edmund Murton Walker

Edmund Murton Walker was a Canadian entomologist. Born in Windsor, Ontario, Walker was the... more »

Edmund ter Meer

Edmund ter Meer was a German chemist who discovered the ter Meer reaction and founded in 1877... more »

Edouard Bugnion

Edouard "Ed" Bugnion is a Swiss software architect and businessman. Bugnion was raised in... more »

Édouard Chatton

Édouard Chatton was a French biologist who first characterized the distinction between the... more »

Édouard Claparède

Édouard Claparède was a Swiss neurologist, child psychologist, and educator. more »

Edouard Wyss-Dunant

Dr. Edouard Wyss-Dunant was a Swiss physician and alpinist. He had a distinguished career in... more »

Eduard Arning

Eduard Arning was an English-German dermatologist and microbiologist from Manchester. Arning... more »

Eduard Caspar Jacob von Siebold

Eduard Caspar Jacob von Siebold was a German professor of gynecology. He worked at Humboldt... more »

Eduard Fischer

Eduard Fischer was a Swiss botanist and mycologist. more »

Eduard Hackel

Eduard Hackel was an Austrian botanist. His father was a veterinary in Haida. He was married and... more »

Eduard Koschwitz

Eduard Koschwitz was a Romance philologist. In 1877 he became docent at Strassburg and afterward... more »

Eduard Oscar Schmidt

Eduard Oscar Schmidt was a German zoologist and phycologist. He initially studied mathematics... more »

Eduard Rüppell

Wilhelm Peter Eduard Simon Rüppell was a German naturalist and explorer. Rüppell is occasionally... more »

Eduard Winkelmann

Eduard Winkelmann was a German historian. more »

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