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Evgeny Aramovich Abramyan

Evgeny Aramovich Abramyan — is a Soviet/Armenian physicist, Professor, Doctor of Engineering... more »

Evgeny Chernikin

Evgeny Mikhailovich Chernikin was a Soviet/Russian zoologist and ecologist, known for his works... more »

Evgeny Pchelov

Eugeny Vladimirovich Pchelov is a Russian specialist in history, heraldry and genealogy. He has... more »

Evgeny Vinokurov

Vinokurov, Evgeny is an economist, Director of the Centre for Integration Studies at the... more »

Ewald Hering

Karl Ewald Konstantin Hering was a German physiologist who did much research into color vision,... more »

Ewan Birney

Dr Ewan Birney is an English Biologist and Associate Director of the European Bioinformatics... more »

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