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Fabian Ribezzo

Fabian Ribezzo is an Argentine animator, screenwriter, film director, film producer, actor, and... more »

Fabio Pacifico

Fabio Pacifico is an animator and art director. more »

Fabrice O. Joubert

Fabrice O. Joubert is a film director, writer and animator. more »

Faith Erin Hicks

Faith Erin Hicks is a Canadian webcomic and comic artist and writer and animator living in... more »

Faith Hubley

Faith Hubley was an animator, known for her experimental work both in collaboration with her... more »

Falk Schuster

Falk Schuster is a film director. more »

Felix Soper

Felix Soper is an actor. more »

Ferenc Cakó

Ferenc Cakó is a Hungarian artist whose specialty is performing sand animation. He graduated... more »

Ferenc Mikulás

Ferenc Mikulás is a figure in the Hungarian animation film culture. He is the founder and... more »

Ferenc Rofusz

Ferenc Rofusz is a Hungarian animator. more »

Florian Grolig

Florian Grolig is a film director, producer, animator, screenwriter, cinematograper and film editor. more »

Florian Pichon

Florian Pichon is a film director and an animator. more »

Floyd Norman

Floyd E. Norman is an American animator who worked on the Walt Disney animated features Sleeping... more »

Fran Krause

Fran Krause is a film director, television producer and screenwriter. more »

Francis O'Brien

Francis O'Brien is a film producer. more »

Frank Espinosa

Frank Espinosa is an American animator and cartoonist. He has worked extensively for Disney and... more »

Frank Moser

Frank Moser was an American artist, illustrator and film director who co-founded Terrytoons, the... more »

Frank Smith

Frank A. Smith was an American cartoon animator and film director. He was the father of actor... more »

Frank Suarez

Frank Suarez is an animator. more »

Frank Tashlin

Frank Tashlin, born Francis Fredrick von Taschlein, was an American animator, screenwriter, and... more »

Frank Thomas

Franklin Rosborough "Frank" Thomas was an American animator. He was one of Walt Disney's team of... more »

Fraser Munden

Fraser Munden is an animator, film director, producer, cinematographer, screenwriter and film... more »

Fred Hellmich

Fred Hellmich is an animator. more »

Fred Ladd

Fred Ladd, is an American television and film writer and producer. He is notable as one of the... more »

Fred Moore

Robert Fred Moore, was an American artist and character animator for Walt Disney Productions... more »

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