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Maciej Sznabel

Maciej Sznabel is an animator, film editor and director. more »

Maciek Albrecht

Maciek Albrecht is an animator, film/television director and production designer. more »

Mads Juul

Mads Juul is a television editor and animator. more »

Maeva Viricel

Maeva Viricel is a film director and animator. more »

Mahiro Maeda

Mahiro Maeda born March 14, 1963 is one of the most prominent Japanese anime creators working... more »

Maksim Radaev

Maksim Radaev is a film director. more »

Malin Erixon

Malin Erixon is a film editor, writer, screenwriter, film director, animator and film producer. more »

Mamoru Hosoda

Mamoru Hosoda is a Japanese film director and animator. Formerly employed at Toei Animation, he... more »

Mannie Davis

Mannie Davis is an animator, screenwriter and film director. more »

Manuel J. García

Manuel J. García is a film director and animator. more »

Manuel Knapp

Manuel Knapp is a film director, editor, and animator. more »

Mara Soler

Mara Soler is a film director and animator. more »


Marão is an animator. more »

Marc Caro

Marc Caro, born April 2, 1956, is a French filmmaker and cartoonist, best known for his... more »

Marc Davis

Marc Fraser Davis was a prominent American artist and animator for Walt Disney Studios. He was... more »

Marc-antoine Deleplanque

Marc-antoine Deleplanque is a film director and animator. more »

Marcell Jankovics

Marcell Jankovics is a Hungarian graphic artist, cartoon director, animator and author. He... more »

Marcelo Picado Schulze

Marcelo Picardo Schulze is a film director, screenwriter, cinematographer, film editor, voice... more »

Marco Carmona

Marco Antonio Carmona Araiza is a Mexican artist, illustrator and animator. Marco Carmona was... more »

Marco Missano

Marco Missano is a film director, film art director, screenwriter and film producer. more »

Marcos Buccini

Marcos Buccini is a film producer, film director and film art director. more »

Marcos Valín

Marcos Valin is an animator and film director. more »

Marek Skrobecki

Marek Skrobecki is a film director, screenwriter, set decorator and production designer. more »

Margarida Madeira

Margarida Madeira is a film director, film producer, film editor, film art director, production... more »

Margit Rosenaa

Margit Rosenaa is an animator. more »

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