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T. Hee

"T." Hee was an American animator, director, and teacher. He taught character design and... more »

Tad Stones

Tad Stones is an American animator, screenwriter, producer and director best known for his work... more »

Tadanari Okamoto

Tadanari Okamoto was a Japanese independent animator. From 1965 until his death he completed at... more »

Takahiro Kimura

Takahiro Kimura is a Japanese animator, illustrator and character designer. more »

Takami Akai

Takami Akai is an illustrator, game creator, character designer and animator born on November... more »

Takashi Nakamura

Takashi Nakamura, is an accomplished Japanese animator and anime director. It was his work on... more »

Takeo Nakamura

Takeo Nakamura is a film director and animator. more »

Takeshi Honda

Takeshi Honda is a Japanese animator, designer, and animation director. Honda dropped out of... more »

Takeshi Koike

Takeshi Koike is a Japanese studio animator, illustrator and film director. Something of a... more »

Takeshi Shirado

Takeshi Shirado is a film director. more »

Taras Vinni

Taras Vinni was a Ukrainian director-animator. He debut with the cartoon ...for Sister in 2010. more »

Tarik Saleh

Tarik Saleh is Swedish television producer, animator, publisher, journalist and film director of... more »

Tatia Rosenthal

Tatia Rosenthal is an animator and film director born in Tel Aviv, Israel. She served two years... more »

Tatsuo Yoshida

Tatsuo Yoshida was a Japanese cartoonist, writer and anime pioneer who founded the anime studio... more »

Tatsuya Oka

Tatsuya Oka is an actor. more »

Tatsuya Yoshihara

Tatsuya Yoshihara is an animator, who aldo directed 2012 OVA Arve Rezzle: Kikaijikake no Yōseitachi. more »

Tatsuyuki Tanaka

Tatsuyuki Tanaka is an animator and a film director. more »

Te Wei

Te Wei was a Chinese animator. He is probably best known for the 1956 short animated film The... more »

Ted Sears

Ted Sears was an American animator during The Golden Age of American animation. Sears worked for... more »

Tedd Pierce

Tedd Pierce was an American animated cartoon writer, animator and artist. Pierce spent the... more »

Tensai Okamura

Tensai Okamura born Yutaka Okamura on December 13, 1961, in Fukushima Prefecture is a Japanese... more »

Teresa Drilling

Teresa Drilling is an animator. more »

Terry Bradley

Terry Bradley is a 3D animator. more »

Terry Gilliam

Terence Vance "Terry" Gilliam is an American-born British screenwriter, film director, animator,... more »

Tess Martin

Tess Martin is an animator and a film producer and director. more »

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