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Bailey Johnson

Bailey Johnson is a doorman and navy dietitian. more »

Bailey Johnson Jr.

Bailey Johnson Jr. was the brother of Maya Angelou. more »

Bailey Junior Kurariki

Bailey Junior Kurariki is New Zealand's youngest convicted killer. He was convicted of the... more »

Bailey Mackey

Bailey Mackey is the husband of actress Emmeline Hawthorne. more »

Bailey Robertson

Bailey Robertson is the father of Oscar Robertson. more »

Bailey Robertson, Jr.

Bailey Robertson, Jr. is the brother of Oscar Robertson. more »

Bailey Robinson

Bailey Robinson is the husband of Claire Robinson. more »

Bailey Vincent Marshall

Bailey Vincent Marshall is the son of Tracey Gold. more »

Baili Xi

Baili Xi was an influential prime minister of the state of Qin during the Spring and Autumn... more »

Baimurat Allaberiyev

Baimurat Allaberiyev, also known as Tajik Jimmy, is a vocalist and musician from Tajikistan of... more »

Baiōken Eishun

Baiōken Eishun was a Japanese painter and print artist of the Kaigetsudō school of ukiyo-e art... more »

Baird Parker

Baird Parker was the son of Charlie Parker. more »

Baird Tipson

L. Baird Tipson is an American academic and college administrator. He holds an A.B. degree from... more »

Baisan Monpon

Baisan Monpon was a Sōtō Zen monk. He received dharma transmission from Gasan Jōseki and is... more »


Baishan, Spanish name Cuchillo Negro, was a Chihenne Apache chieftain, of the Warm Springs... more »

Baja Saitovic Lukin

Baja Saitovic Lukin was the winner of the Open Society Institute Roma Literary Award with... more »

Bajaji Rao Naik Nimbalkar

Bajajirao Mudhoji Naik Nimbalkar was a Maratha nobleman and sixteenth Raja of Phaltan Jagir... more »

Bajo Pivljanin

Bajo Nikolić Pivljanin was a noted hajduk commander against the Ottoman Empire, serving the... more »

Bajram Kelmendi

Bajram Kelmendi was an Albanian lawyer and human rights activist. more »

Bak Man-biu

Bak Man Biu (白文彪)(; 1921–2007) was a veteran Hong Kong actor best known for his role as the... more »

Bak Tae-ho

Bak Tae Ho is a Korean voice actor. He joined the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation's voice acting... more »

Bakary Bamba

Bakary Bamba is the father of the football player Sol Bamba. more »

Bakeamiorocio Battle

Bakeamiorocio Battle is the father of Jordan Faciane. more »


Bakenkhonsu was a High Priest of Amun in ancient Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II... more »

Baker Abdel Munem

Baker Abdel Munem was the Palestinian National Authority's official ambassador to Canada. He was... more »

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