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Baker James Kauffman

Baker James Kauffman is the son of Keith Kauffman and Leigh-Allyn Baker. more »

Baker Stuart

Baker Stuart is the son of Jeb Stuart. more »

Bakht Singh

Bakht Singh Chabra was a Christian evangelist in India and other parts of South Asia. He is... more »

Bakhtiar Amin

Bakhtiar Amin is a Kurdish Iraqi politician who was the Human Rights Minister in the Iraqi... more »

Bakhtiar Sajjadi

Bakhtiar Sadjadi is a Kurdish academician, writer and translator. He got his BA degree in... more »

Bakhtiyar Hajiyev

Bakhtiyar Hajiyev is an Azerbaijani activist and blogger who served a prison sentence from 2011... more »

Bakhtiyar Tuzmukhamedov

Bakhtiyar R. Tuzmukhamedov is a Russian international lawyer, currently serving as a judge at... more »

Bakhtiyor Islamov

Bakhtiyor Anvarovich Islamov is a prominent scholar, former diplomat and politician from... more »

Baki İlkin

Baki İlkin is a Turkish diplomat and ambassador who served as the Representative of the Republic... more »


Bakis is a general name for the inspired prophets and dispensers of oracles who flourished in... more »

Bakr Ben Yahia I

Bakr Ben Yahia I was possibly a son of Yahia Ben Yahi III and the father of Yahia Ben Bakr. He... more »

Bakshi Badri Nath Chhibber

Rai Bahadur Bakshi Badri Nath Chhibber, was a highly decorated police officer in British and... more »

Bakshi Ghulam Haider

Khan Bahadur Bakhshi Ghulam Haider Khan was Faujdar of a unit at the time of Battle of Assaye,... more »

Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad

Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed ruled the State of Jammu and Kashmir as Prime Minister for eleven years... more »

Bakshi Jagabandhu

Jagabandhu Bidyadhar Mohapatra Bhramarbar Rai popularly known as "Bakshi Jagabandhu" or "Paika... more »

Bakshi Ram Prakash Chibber

Bakshi Ram Prakash Chibber is the brother of Om Prakash. more »

Bakthan Singaram

Bakthan Singaram is a professor of organic chemistry at the University of California, Santa Cruz... more »


Bakul is the son of Durga Khote. more »

Bakushō Mondai

Bakushō Mondai is a Japanese comedy duo consisting of Yūji Tanaka and Hikari Ōta under the... more »

Bal Dixit

Bal Dixit is the chairman of Newtex Industries. He founded the company in 1978 after being one... more »

Bal Krishan Kundra

Bal Krishan Kundra is the father of Raj Kundra. more »

Bal Krishna Khand

Bal Krishna Khand is a Nepalese politician, belonging to the Nepali Congress. Khand was the... more »

Bal Patil

Bal Patil was a Jain scholar, journalist, social activist and Jain minority status advocate from... more »

Bal Phondke

Bal Phondke is the nom-de-plume of Dr Gajanan Phondke, a leading Marathi writer of science... more »

Bal Samant

Bal Gangadhar Samant was an Indian writer. He wrote around 80 books in Marathi on a wide range... more »

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