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Bahram Soroush

Bahram Soroush is a UK-based civil rights activist and a member of the Worker-Communist Party of... more »


Abba Bahrey was a late 16th century Ethiopian monk, historian, and ethnographer. He is best... more »

Bahri Omari

Bahri Omari was an Albanian politician, publisher, and writer. more »

Bahrom Tursunov

Bahrom Tursunov is a brother of the football player Sanzhar Tursunov. more »

Bahtiyar Can Vanlı

Bahtiyar Can Vanlı is a German-Turkish football coach. Can Vanlı participated in the 2002 World... more »

Bahya ben Asher

Bahye ben Asher ibn Halawa, also known as Rabbeinu Behaye, was a rabbi and scholar of Judaism... more »

Bai Chen

Bai Chen is the brother of actress Bai Ling. more »

Bai Jingfu

Bai Jingfu is a Chinese politician. He graduated from Jilin University in 1970. He is a former... more »

Bai Kelfa Sankoh

Bai Kelfa Sankoh is a Sierra Leonean paramount chief representing Kambia District, one of the... more »

Bai Keming

Bai Keming graduated from the department of missile engineering at Harbin Institute of Military... more »

Bai Lichen

Bai Lichen, Hui nationality, is a politician of the People's Republic of China, and the former... more »

Bai Minzhong

Bai Minzhong, courtesy name Yonghui, formally Duke Chou of Taiyuan, was an official of the... more »

Bai Wanxiang

Bai Wanxiang was Director of the Kuomintang's overseas secret police, the so-called Mainland... more »

Bai Zhijian

Bai Zhijian is the current director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in... more »

Baij Nath Mehta

Baij Nath Mehta is the father of Ajay Mehta. more »

Baij Nath Puri

Prof. Baij Nath Puri is a historian from India. He completed M. Lit. and D. Phil from Oxford... more »


Baiju was a Mongol commander in Persia appointed by Ögedei Khan to succeed Chormagan, and expand... more »

Bailee Lake

Bailee Lake is the son of Brian Lake. more »

Bailey Austin Smith

Bailey Austin Smith is the son of actor Michael Bailey Smith. more »

Bailey Brown

Bailey Brown was a United States federal judge. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Brown received an... more »

Bailey Coppola

Bailey Coppola is the son of Christopher Coppola. more »

Bailey Edwards

Bailey Edwards is the son of Anthony Edwards and Jeanine Lobell. more »

Bailey Fa'alogo

Bailey Fa'alogo is the son of rugby league footballer David Fa'alogo. more »

Bailey J. Santistevan, Sr.

Bailey Joseph Santistevan, Sr. - was a baseball coach who was born in Las Animas, Colorado in... more »

Bailey Jem Astle

Bailey Jem Astle is the son of Emily Joyce. more »

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