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Gabriel King

Gabriel King, was Mayor of Galway from 1657–58. King oversaw the demolition of the abbey of St... more »

Gabriel Kney

Gabriel Kney is a renowned Canadian builder of pipe organs based in London, Ontario. Kney was... more »

Gabriel Kruse

Gabriel Christoffersen Kruse of Tulsted and Hjulebjerg was an officer in the Royal... more »

Gabriel Kuhn

Gabriel Kuhn is a political writer and translator based in Sweden. more »

Gabriel Kutz

Gabriel Kutz is the son of Kazimierz Kutz. more »

Gabriel L. Plaa

Gabriel Leon "Gabbie" Plaa was an American-Canadian toxicologist. A specialist of... more »

Gabriel Lafayette Dennis

Gabriel Lafayette Dennis was a politician in Liberia. He and Louis Arthur Grimes were Liberia's... more »

Gabriel Lam

Gabriel Lam Cheuk-wai, born 13 November 1933. He was the Vicar Capitular of Hong Kong Catholic... more »

Gabriel Langfeldt

Gabriel Langfeldt was a Norwegian psychiatrist. He was a professor at the University of Oslo... more »

Gabriel Larraín Valdivieso

Gabriel Larraín Valdivieso was a Chilean Bishop for the Roman Catholic Church. Larraín... more »

Gabriel Laub

Gabriel Laub was a Czech- and German-speaking journalist, political satirist and aphorism writer. more »

Gabriel Lee

Gabriel Lee is the husband of Wang Yuegu. more »

Gabriel Leisner

Gabriel Leisner is the son of Danish film director Susanne Bier. more »

Gabriel Lester

Gabriel Lester is a visual artist, and film director living and working in Amsterdam and... more »

Gabriel Louis Angoulvant

Gabriel Louis Angoulvant was a Governor General in the second French colonial empire. He was... more »

Gabriel Lund

Gabriel Lund was a Norwegian merchant and politician. He was born in Farsund. He represented... more »

Gabriel Manek

Mgr Gabriel Wilhemus Manek SVD was an Indonesian Archbishop of The Roman Catholic Church more »

Gabriel Mar Gregorios

Dr Gabriel Mar Gregorios is Metropolitan of the Diocese of Thiruvananthapuram of the Indian... more »

Gabriel Maria de Casanova y Habsburgo-Lorena

Gabriel Maria de Casanova y Habsburgo-Lorena is the son of Monika von Habsburg and Luis de... more »

Gabriel Martinez

Gabriel Martinez is a Belizean politician. He is the Minister of Labor, Local Government and... more »

Gabriel Mbilingi

Gabriel Mbilingi CSSp, is the Archbishop of Lubango in Angola. Since 20 November 2009 he is the... more »

Gabriel McMiller

Gabriel McMiller is the brother of Willie Macc. more »

Gabriel Mello

Gabriel Mello is a film editor. more »

Gabriel Mendizabal

Gabriel Mendizabal Iraeta was a Spanish military general. more »

Gabriel Miguel Rivera

Gabriel Miguel Rivera is the son of Geraldo Rivera. more »

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