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Gabriel Cardona

Gabriel Cardona was a member of a three-person cell of American teenage hit men working for the... more »

Gabriel Carter

Gabriel Carter is the son of actor Jason Carter. more »

Gabriel Caruana

Gabriel Caruana is a Maltese artist who works primarily in ceramics. He studied at the Malta... more »

Gabriel Castán

Gabriel Castán is the son of Leandro Castán and Bruna Castán. more »

Gabriel Castellanos

Gabriel Castellanos is a brother of Josh Castellanos. more »

Gabriel Chagas

Gabriel Pinheiro Chagas Filho is a famous Brazilian bridge player. He was the winner of World... more »

Gabriel Changson Chang

Gabriel Changson Chang is a South Sudanese politician who is the current Minister of Wildlife... more »

Gabriel Chodos

Gabriel Chodos is an American pianist who has performed throughout the United States, Europe,... more »

Gabriel Cohn-Bendit

Gabriel Cohn-Bendit is the brother of Daniel Cohn-Bendit. more »

Gabriel Copola

Gabriel Copola is an Argentine Wheelchair Table Tennis player with competition Classification 3... more »

Gabriel Coppola

Gabriel Coppola is the son of Manuel Coppola. more »

Gabriel Crouch

Gabriel Crouch is a British baritone, choral conductor and record producer. Gabriel Crouch was... more »

Gabriel Cusson

Gabriel Cusson was a Canadian composer and music educator. As a composer, his music was heavily... more »

Gabriel d'Arboussier

Gabriel d'Arboussier was a Senegalese-French politician. Son of a colonial governor and a Muslim... more »

Gabriel Dalporto

Gabriel Dalporto is Zecco's Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. He brings strong financial... more »

Gabriel Daza

Gabriel A. Daza was one of the charter members of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. He... more »

Gabriel de La Porte du Theil

Francois-Jean-Gabriel de La Porte du Theil was a French historian. He played a role in the early... more »

Gabriel de Luetz

Gabriel de Luetz, Baron et Seigneur d'Aramon et de Vallabregues, often also abbreviated to... more »

Gabriel de Vallseca

Gabriel de Vallseca, also referred to as Gabriel de Valseca and Gabriel de Valsequa was a... more »

Gabriel Dessauer

Gabriel Dessauer is a German cantor, concert organist and academic. He has been responsible for... more »

Gabriel Diefenthal

Gabriel Diefenthal is the son of Frédéric Diefenthal and Gwendoline Hamon. more »

Gabriel DiIorio

Gabriel DiIorio is the brother of basketball player Will DiIorio. more »

Gabriel DiTillio

Gabriel DiTillio is the father of Robert and Larry DiTillio. more »

Gabriel Donoso

Gabriel Donoso Rosselot was a Chilean polo player, considered one of Chile's best polo players... more »

Gabriel Duffy

Gabriel Patrick Duffy was an author and philosopher born in Dublin, Ireland, and is best known... more »

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