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Lambert of Cremona

Lambert of Cremona was a medieval Bishop of the Italian City of Cremona. He was a prince-bishop,... more »

Lambert Schlechter

Lambert Schlechter is a Luxembourg author who has written in both German and French but has now... more »

Lambert van Tweenhuysen

Lambert van Tweenhuysen was a prominent Lutheran merchant at Amsterdam in the early seventeenth... more »

Lamberto Cristiano Gori

Lamberto Cristiano Gori, was an Italian painter and artist active mostly in Tuscany in an early... more »

Lambros Comitas

Lambros Comitas is Gardner Cowles Professor of Anthropology and Education at Teachers College,... more »

Lambros Katsonis

Lambros Katsonis was a Greek naval admiral of the 18th century. Born in Levadia, he joined the... more »

Lambros Koromilas

Lambros Koromilas was a Greek economist and diplomat, and one of the leading figures in the... more »

Lambros Skordas

Lambros Skordas, a Doctor of Dental Surgery, is the ex-chairman of Aris Thessaloniki Football... more »


Lamech was a patriarch in the genealogies of Adam in the Book of Genesis. more »


Lamech (pronounced /lemk/) (Hebrew: -Lemech) is the name of an eighth generation descendant of... more »

Lameck Bonjisi

Lameck Bonjisi was a Zimbabwean sculptor. The brother of Witness and Tafunga Bonjisi, both of... more »

Lameck Chibombamilimo

Lameck Chibombamilimo was a Member of the National Assembly of Zambia for Mpulungu Constitutency... more »

Lamel Hardy

Lamel Hardy is the son of Big Daddy Kane. more »

LaMicah Edward Levert

LaMicah Edward Levert is the son of Gerald Levert. more »

Lamidi Adedibu

Lamidi Ariyibi Akanbi Adedibu was an aristocratic PDP power broker in Oyo State, Nigeria. Former... more »

Lamin Jusu Jarka

Alhaji Lamin Jusu Jarka is a Sierra Leonean former businessman and current chairman of the... more »

Lamin Khalifah Fhimah

Lamin Khalifa Fhimah is a former station manager for Libyan Arab Airlines at Luqa Airport,... more »

Lamine Khene

Dr. Lamine Khene is an Algerian nationalist politician and former officer. At age 16, he joined... more »

Lamine Sekka

Lamine Sekka was the son of Johnny Sekka. more »

Lamjavyn Gündalai

Lamjavyn Gündalai is a Mongolian politician. He has been a member of parliament since 2000 and... more »

Lamont Hollins

Lamont Hollins is the brother of Austin Hollins. more »

LaMont Johnson

LaMont Johnson is the father of Bryant Allen. more »

Lamont Middleton, Sr

Lamont Middleton, Sr is the father of Lamont Middleton. more »

Lamont Rippy

Lamont Rippy is the father of DaJuan Rippy more »

Lamont Young

Lamont H. Young was an assistant geological surveyor for the New South Wales Mines Department... more »

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