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Nicolaes Pieterszoon Berchem

Nicolaes Pieterszoon Berchem was a highly esteemed and prolific Dutch Golden Age painter of... more »

Nicolas Bernard Lépicié

Nicolas Bernard Lépicié was a French painter, the son of two reputed engravers at the time,... more »

Nicolas de Largillière

Nicolas de Largillière was a painter born in Paris, France. more »

Nicolás Guillén Landrián

Nicolás Guillén Landrián was a Cuban experimental filmmaker and painter. Guillén was an... more »

Nicolas Mignard

Nicolas Mignard was a French painter. He spent most of his active life in Avignon and was the... more »

Nicolas Poussin

Nicolas Poussin was the leading painter of the classical French Baroque style, although he spent... more »

Nicolas Tarkhoff

Nicolas Tarkhoff (1871, Moscow - 1930, Orsay, France) was a Russian artist. more »

Nicolas Topor

Nicolas Topor is a painter, singer, set decorator and actor. more »

Nicole Macdonald

Nicole Macdonald is a film director and painter. more »

Nicole Wilson

Nicole Wilson is a painter and an actress. more »

Nikhil Baran Sengupta

Nikhil Baran Sengupta was a Hindi, Bengali, and Oriya art director, actor, painter and... more »

Nikki Hexum

Nikki Hexum is a writer and painter. more »

Nikki van der Zyl

Nikki van der Zyl is a German voice actress most famous for providing the voice of Ursula... more »

Niko Pirosmani

Niko Pirosmani, simply referred to as Nikala was a Georgian primitivist painter. more »

Nikohl Vandel

Nikohl Vandel is an artist. Digitally born through Photoshop, Vandel found herself in finger... more »

Nikos Engonopoulos

Nikos Engonopoulos was a modern Greek painter and poet. He is one of the most important members... more »

Nikos Ligeros

Ο Νίκος Λυγερός είναι Έλληνας μαθηματικός, συγγραφέας, ποιητής, ζωγράφος, σκηνοθέτης, ασχολείται... more »

Nirode Mazumdar

Nirode Mazumdar was an Indian painter from the first generation of Indian modernists, and a key... more »

Nobuhiro Ishihara

Nobuhiro Ishihara is the youngest son of Shintarō Ishihara. more »

Noelle Imparato

Noelle Imparato is a television editor and painter. more »

Norman Korpi

Norman Korpi is an American painter, fashion designer, film maker and reality television star... more »

Norman Macbeth

Norman Macbeth was a portrait painter. more »

Norman Reedus

Norman Mark Reedus is an American actor, known for his portrayal of Murphy McManus in the 1999... more »

Norval Morrisseau

Norval Morrisseau, CM, also known as Copper Thunderbird, was an Aboriginal Canadian artist... more »

Nozar Azadi

Nozar Azadi, best known for his role as Aghai Ghatebeh, is an Iranian comedian and actor who was... more »