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B. G. Sharma

Bhanwar lal Girdhari lal Sharma is an award-winning painter from Rajasthan, India. He is famous... more »

Ba Kyi

Ba Kyi, FRSA was a well-known and prolific Burmese artist. He was initially trained in western... more »

Ba Nyan

Ba Nyan was a Burmese painter who has been called the greatest name in modern painting in... more »

Ba Thet

Ba Thet was a Burmese painter who worked in Mandalay, Myanmar and who was known as an advocate... more »

Ba Zaw

Ba Zaw was an early Burmese artist born in Tha Yet and raised in Mandalay who mastered Western... more »

Babeli Giezendanner

Babeli Giezendanner was a Swiss painter. more »

Baccio Ciarpi

Baccio Ciarpi was an Italian painter of the late-Mannerism and early-Baroque style. Born in... more »

Bahadır Gökay

Bahadır Gökay is a Turkish painter. He graduated from the Department of Graphics in the State... more »

Bahram Alivandi

Bahram Alivandi was an Iranian-born Modern artist living in Vienna, Austria. He is known... more »

Baiju Parthan

Baiju Parthan, a painter, is known as a pioneer of intermedia art in India. While elaborating... more »

Bairu Raghuram

Bairu Raghuram is an Indian painter. His depictions are simple, rural life and woman in their... more »

Baldassare Aloisi

Baldassare Aloisi, or Baldassare Galanino, was an Italian history and portrait painter and... more »

Baldassare Bianchi

Baldassare Bianchi was an Italian painter of the Baroque period. more »

Baldassare Croce

Baldassare Croce was an Italian painter, active during the late-Mannerist period, active mainly... more »

Baldassare d'Anna

Baldassare d'Anna was an Italian painter of the late-Renaissance period. Born in Venice to a... more »

Baldassare Franceschini

Baldassare Franceschini was an Italian late Baroque painter active mainly around Florence. He... more »

Baldassare Peruzzi

Baldassare Tommaso Peruzzi was an Italian architect and painter, born in a small town near Siena... more »

Balduin Wolff

Balduin Wolff was a German painter of the Romantic period, and a chess player. Born in... more »

Balthasar van der Ast

Balthasar van der Ast was a Dutch Golden Age painter who specialized in still lifes of flowers... more »


Balthasar Klossowski de Rola, best known as Balthus, was a Polish-French modern... more »

Balys Macutkevičius

Balys Macutkevičius was a Lithuanian painter. more »

Baqi Urmançe

Urmançe Ğäbdelbaqí İdris ulı, AKA Baqi Urmançe was a Tatar painter, sculptor and graphic artist,... more »

Barbara Longhi

Barbara Longhi was an Italian painter. She was much admired in her lifetime as a portraitist,... more »

Barend Cornelis Koekkoek

Koekkoek, Barend Cornelis was a Dutch landscape artist and father of Johannes Hermanus Barend... more »

Barna da Siena

Barna da Siena, also known as Barna di Siena, was a Sienese painter active from about 1330 to... more »

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