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F. Luis Mora

F. Luis Mora, also known as Francis Luis Mora, was an Hispanic American figural painter. Mora... more »

F. M. Hollams

F. M. Hollams was a popular British painter of horses and dogs, active in the first decades of... more »

F. O. C. Darley

Felix Octavius Carr Darley often credited as F. O. C. Darley, was an American painter in... more »

Fabio Cristofari

Fabio Cristofari was an Italian Baroque painter and mosaicist active in Rome. He was a member of... more »

Fabrizio Boschi

Fabrizio Boschi was an Italian painter of the early-Baroque period, active in Florence. He is... more »

Fabrizio Santafede

Fabrizio Santafede was an Italian painter of the late-Renaissance and early-Baroque periods. He... more »

Faeq Hassan

Faeq Hassan was a painter who was born in Baghdad in 1914. He graduated from the École des... more »

Fairfield Porter

Fairfield Porter was an American painter and art critic. He was the fourth of five children of... more »

Fannie Hillsmith

Fannie Hillsmith was an American cubist painter. more »

Fanny Brate

Fanny Ingeborg Matilda Brate, nee Ekbom, was a Swedish painter. She influenced Carl Larsson, and... more »

Fanny Churberg

Fanny Churberg was a Finnish painter and one of the great masters of her time. Her father,... more »

Fanny Geefs

Fanny Geefs was a Belgian painter of Irish descent. Born Isabelle Marie Françoise Corr in either... more »

Farhad Sadeghi Amini

Farhad Sadeghi Amini, born in Isfahan, Iran, 1963 is an Iranian painter. more »

Farideh Lashai

Farideh Lashai was an Iranian painter. She was born in Rasht, Iran. Education: B.A. from the... more »

Fateh Moudarres

Fateh al-Moudarres was a Syrian painter and one of the leaders of the modern art movement in... more »

Fathi Hassan

Fathi Hassan is an Egyptian-born artist known for his installations involving the written word... more »

Faustina Maratti

Faustina Maratti was an Italian Baroque poet and painter. more »

Faustino Bocchi

Faustino Bocchi was an Italian painter, active in Brescia, who specialized in bizarre paintings... more »

Faustino Raineri

Faustino Raineri was an Italian painter, mainly a landscape painter of the Baroque period,... more »

Fausto Vagnetti

Fausto Vagnetti is a representative of Italian painting from the era of transition from the 19th... more »

Fay Morgan Taylor

Fay Morgan Taylor was an American Modernist artist. more »

Fede Galizia

Fede Galizia was an Italian Renaissance painter, a pioneer of the still life genre. more »

Federico Aguilar Alcuaz

Federico Aguilar Alcuaz was an award winning Filipino painter who exhibited extensively... more »

Federico Barocci

Federico Barocci was an Italian Renaissance painter and printmaker. His original name was... more »

Federico Beltrán Masses

Federico Armando Beltrán Masses was a Spanish painter who was born in Guaira de la Melena,... more »

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