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D. B. Seth

D. B. Seth 'Deven' was an Indian painter. He was born in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh and completed... more »

D. Howard Hitchcock

David Howard Hitchcock was an American painter of the Volcano School, known for his depictions... more »

D.R. Mullins

D.R. Mullins is a multidimensional, visual artist from the Appalachian region of southwest... more »


James Marshall, better known as Dalek, is an American artist and designer based in Raleigh,... more »

Dalia Dokšaitė

Dalia Dokšaitė is a Lithuanian painter who uses the ink wash technique. Dokšaitė has held... more »

Dalia Juknevičiūtė

Dalia Juknevičiūtė was a Lithuanian painter. more »

Damian Loeb

Damian Loeb is an American painter. Self-taught, he moved to New York City in the early... more »

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst appeared in the 2004 film Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London. more »

Dan Christensen

Dan Christensen, the American abstract painter, was born in Cozad, Nebraska on October 6, 1942,... more »

Dan Colen

Daniel Colen is an artist based in New York. His work consists of painted sculptures... more »

Dan Gheno

Dan Gheno is an American artist, teacher, and author living and working in New York City. Often... more »

Dan Namingha

Dan Namingha is an important Native American painter and sculptor. He is Dextra Quotskuyva's... more »

Dan Poncet

Dan Poncet is a contemporary French painter. Born on July 14, 1953 at the château de Saint-Just... more »

Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh is a painter based in New York. He studied at the Philadelphia College of Art in... more »

Dana Frankfort

Dana Frankfort is an artist based in New York and a painting professor at Boston University... more »

Dana Levin

Dana Levin is an American Classical Realism painter. Trained in Florence, Levin is established... more »

Dana Schutz

Dana Schutz is an artist living and working in New York. Schutz grew up in Livonia, Michigan a... more »

Dane Chanase

Riccardo Dane Chanase was an American painter and printmaker. more »

Daniel Blok

Daniel Blok or Daniel von Block was a German Baroque painter. more »

Daniel Chodowiecki

Daniel Niklaus Chodowiecki was a Polish - German painter and printmaker with Huguenot ancestry,... more »

Daniel Chorny

Daniil Chyorny was a Russian monk and icon painter. more »

Daniel Dociu

Daniel Dociu is a Romanian video game art director and concept artist. He is the chief art... more »

Daniel du Janerand

Daniel du Janerand was a French painter, muralist, and book illustrator. more »

Daniel Gran

Daniel Gran was a painter born in Vienna in 1694 who died at Sankt Pölten in 1757. His pictures... more »

Daniel Hauben

Daniel Hauben is an American painter who grew up in the Bronx, and who often paints Bronx street... more »

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