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E. Charlton Fortune

E. Charlton Fortune was an American artist from California, within the style of American... more »

E. Irving Couse

Eanger Irving Couse was an American artist and a founding member and first president of the Taos... more »

Eamon Everall

Eamon Everall is an English artist and educator. He was one of the 12 founder members of the... more »

Earl Kerkam

Earl Cavis Kerkam, according to Willem de Kooning, Philip Guston, Mark Rothko, George Spaventa... more »

Earle Wilton Richardson

Earle Wilton Richardson, was an African-American artist made famous mainly for an oil painting... more »

Eastman Johnson

Eastman Johnson was an American painter, and Co-Founder of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New... more »

Eberhard Georg Friedrich von Wächter

Eberhard Wächter was a German painter. Wächter was born in Balingen and died in Stuttgart. He... more »


Echion, also known as Aetion, was a celebrated Greek painter spoken of by Lucian, who gives a... more »

Echo Eggebrecht

Echo Eggebrecht is a painter living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She received her BFA in 2000 at... more »

Ed Gebski

Ed Gebski is an artist from Amsterdam. His monumental canvasses are created in a darkroom where... more »

Ed Paschke

Edward Francis Paschke was a Polish American painter. His childhood interest in animation and... more »

Eddy Cobiness

Eddy Cobiness, was a Canadian artist. He was an Ojibwa-Indian and his art work is characterized... more »

Eden Upton Eddis

Eden Upton Eddis was a British artist. Eden enrolled at the Royal Academy schools in 1828. From... more »

Edgar Alwin Payne

Edgar Alwin Payne was an American Western landscape painter and muralist. more »

Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas; born Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas; was a French artist famous for his paintings,... more »

Edgar Maxence

Edgar Maxence, was a French Symbolist painter. more »

Edgar Melville Ward

Edgar Melville Ward was an American genre painter. Ward was born in Urbana, Ohio. His elder... more »

Edgar Meyer

Edgar Meyer was an Austrian painter who built himself a castle and engaged in politics. more »

Edgar Samuel Paxson

Edgar Samuel Paxson was an American frontier painter, scout, soldier and writer, based mainly in... more »

Edgar Stoëbel

The French artist Edgar Stoëbel, real name René Teboul Yechoua, was born in Frenda, Algeria, on... more »

Edgard Cognat

Edgard Cognat was an Award winning Brazilian painter and sculptor born in Rio de Janeiro. Early... more »

Edmond Bille

Edmond Bille was a Swiss artist. Bille engaged in intense and varied activity as painter,... more »

Edmond Casarella

Edmond Casarella was an American printmaker, painter, and sculptor. His particular innovation... more »

Edmund C. Tarbell

Edmund Charles Tarbell was an American Impressionist painter. A member of the Ten American... more »

Edmund Garvey

Edmund Garvey, RA was an Irish painter. more »

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