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Ubaldo Gandolfi

Ubaldo Gandolfi was an Italian painter of the late-Baroque period, mainly active in and near... more »

Ubaldo Ricci

Ubaldo Ricci was an Italian painter of the late-Baroque who practised in Italy in the 18th... more »

Uche Okeke

Professor Uche Okeke is a contemporary Nigerian artist. more »

Uemura Shōen

Uemura Shōen was the pseudonym of an important woman artist in Meiji, Taishō and early Shōwa... more »

Uga Skulme

Uga Skulme was a Latvian painter. Skulme was born in Jēkabpils, Courland. He studied at the... more »

Ugo Nespolo

Ugo Nespolo is an Italian painter and sculptor, particularly known for his experimental films,... more »

Ugolino di Nerio

Ugolino di Nerio was an Italian painter active in his native city of Siena and in Florence... more »

Ugolino di Prete Ilario

Ugolino di Prete Ilario was an Italian painter. He was born in Siena, and executed frescoes in... more »

Ulla Engeberg Killias

Ulla Engeberg Killias was a Swedish-born painter who lived in Switzerland for most of her adult... more »

Ulrich Leman

Ulrich Leman was a German painter. Born in Düsseldorf, he became interested in painting at an... more »

Ulrika Pasch

Ulrika Fredrica Pasch, also known as Ulla Pasch, was a Swedish painter and miniaturist. She was... more »

Umberto Boccioni

Umberto Boccioni was an influential Italian painter and sculptor. He helped shape the... more »

Unica Zürn

Unica Zürn was a German author and painter. She is remembered for her works of anagram poetry,... more »

Unkoku Togan

Unkoku Togan was a Japanese painter. He was born into a privileged family in Nagasaki, the... more »

Urban målare

Urban målare, actual name Urban Larsson, was a painter active in Sweden during the 16th century. more »

Urbano Romanelli

Urbano Romanelli was an Italian painter of the Baroque period. He was born in Viterbo, the son... more »

Uriel Birnbaum

Uriel Birnbaum was an Austrian painter, caricaturist, writer and poet. Birnbaum was the youngest... more »

Uroš Predić

Uroš Predić was one of the greatest Serbian Realist painters, along with Paja Jovanović and... more »

Urs Graf

Urs Graf was a Swiss Renaissance goldsmith, painter and printmaker, as well as a mercenary... more »

Urs Jaeggi

Urs Jaeggi is a Swiss sociologist, painter, and author. From 1964 to 1993, he was a Professor of... more »

Urs Lüthi

Urs Lüthi è un fotografo, pittore, e artista svizzero. Lüthi ha frequentato dal 1963 al 1964 la... more »

Ustad Mansur

Ustad Mansur was a seventeenth-century Mughal painter and court artist of Jehangir who... more »

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