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R. B. Kitaj

Ronald Brooks Kitaj was an American artist with Jewish roots who spent much of his life in England. more »

R. B. Sprague

R. B. Sprague was an American Contemporary Realist artist. more »

Rachel Berman

Rachel Berman, born in 1946 in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, is an American-Canadian... more »

Rachel Jordan

Rachel Jordan is a British artist and has been a frequent guest exhibitor with the Stuckists... more »

Rachel Ruysch

Rachel Ruysch was a still life painter from the Northern Netherlands who specialized in flowers... more »

Rachele Nyssen

Rachele Nyssen is an artist. more »

Rachid Ben Ali

Rachid Ben Ali is a controversial Dutch painter of Sephardic Moroccan descent. more »

Raden Saleh

Raden Saleh Sjarif Boestaman was an Indonesian Romantic painter of Javanese ethnicity who... more »

Radi Nedelchev

Radi Nedelchev is a Bulgarian artist best known as a painter of naïve art. His paintings depict... more »

Radish Tordia

Radish Tordia is a painter of figurative art from Georgia. He works in oil painting, with... more »

Radomir Reljić

Radomir Reljić, was a Serbian painter, a professor of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and a... more »

Rafael Ángel García

Rafael Ángel "Felo" García is a Costa Rican painter, architect, and football player. He was one... more »

Rafael Coronel

Rafael Coronel is a painter from Mexico. He was the son-in-law of Diego Rivera. His... more »

Rafael Ritz

Rafael Ritz, was a Swiss painter. more »

Rafael Sáenz Rodríguez

Rafael Sáenz Rodríguez is a Costa Rican painter. He was appointed as Consul of Costa Rica in... more »

Rafael Stupin

Rafael Stupin was a Russian painter. He studied painting at the Academy in St. Petersburg from... more »

Rafael Trelles

Rafael Trelles is a postmodern artist from Puerto Rico. more »

Rafael Vargas-Suarez

Rafael Vargas-Suarez, more commonly known as Vargas-Suarez Universal, is a contemporary artist... more »

Raffaele Frumenti

Raffaele Frumenti, was an Italian painter belonging to the modern movement of the Scuola romana. more »

Raffaele Rabbia

Rafaelle Rabbia was an Italian painter, mainly painting portraits. He was born in Marino, and... more »

Raffaellino da Reggio

Raffaele Motta, known as Raffaellino da Reggio, was an Italian Mannerist style painter from... more »

Raffaellino del Garbo

Raffaellino del Garbo was a Florentine painter of the early Renaissance. His real name was... more »

Raffaello Vanni

Raffaello Vanni was an Italian painter of the Baroque. He was born at Siena. He first trained... more »

Raffi Lavie

Raffi Lavie was an Israeli artist, art educator and music/art critic. Lavie's work is a cross... more »

Raimo Epifanio Tesauro

Raimo Epifanio Tesauro was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period. He was born and died in... more »

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