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Rémy Zaugg

Rémy Zaugg was a Swiss painter, primarily known as a conceptual artist. He played an important... more »

Renaat Bosschaert

Renaat Bosschaert was a Belgian artist working in painting, graphic arts, sculpture, ceramic... more »

Renata Bernal

Renata Bernal is a contemporary American artist. Her work spans a broad range of media including... more »

Renato Guttuso

Renato Guttuso was an Italian painter. His best-known paintings include "Flight from Etna",... more »

Renato Marino Mazzacurati

Renato Marino Mazzacurati, was an Italian painter belonging to the modern movement of the Scuola... more »

René Acht

René Acht was a Swiss painter and graphic artist. more »

René Fehr

René Fehr is a Swiss painter. more »

René Fontayne

René Fontayne, was a French painter and illustrator . more »

René Gilsi

René Gilsi was a Swiss painter. more »

René Magritte

René François Ghislain Magritte was a Belgian surrealist artist. He became well known for a... more »

René Schützenberger

René Schützenberger, also known as René-Paul Schutzenberger, was a French painter. more »

René Victor Auberjonois

René Victor Auberjonois was a post-Impressionist Swiss painter and one of the leading Swiss... more »

René Villiger

René Villiger was a Swiss painter. more »

René-Antoine Houasse

René-Antoine Houasse was a decorative French painter. He was a pupil of Charles Le Brun, under... more »

Renée Carpentier-Wintz

Renée Carpentier-Wintz was a French painter. She was the wife of French artist Raymond Wintz... more »

Reuben Tam

Reuben Tam was an American landscape painter, educator, poet and graphic artist. He was born in... more »

Reuven Rubin

Reuven Rubin was a Romanian-born Israeli painter and Israel's first ambassador to Romania. more »

Rex Ray

Rex Ray is an American fine artist and graphic designer based in San Francisco. His work has... more »

Rex Whistler

Reginald John "Rex" Whistler was a British artist, designer and illustrator. more »

Reza Abbasi

Reza Abbasi, Riza yi-Abbasi or Reza-e Abbasi, رضا عباسی in Persian, usually Reza Abbasi also Aqa... more »

Reza Khodadadi

Reza Khodadadi,lives and works in Tehran. Iranian contemporary artist, Academic, painter,... more »

Rezső Bálint

Rezső Bálint was a Hungarian painter known for his landscape paintings. He began as a printer... more »

Rhea Carmi

Rhea Carmi, is an Israeli American abstract expressionist and mixed-media artist. more »

Rhoda Holmes Nicholls

Rhoda Holmes Nicholls was an American water-color painter, born in Coventry, England. She was a... more »

Ricardo Acevedo Bernal

Ricardo Acevedo Bernal was a Colombian painter and musician. He was director of the Escuela... more »

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