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Rihard Jakopič

Rihard Jakopič was a Slovene painter. He was the leading Slovene Impressionist painter, patron... more »

Rik Wouters

Hendrik Emil Wouters was a Belgian fauvist painter and sculptor. Wouters was educated at the... more »

Rimantas Driežis

Rimantas Driežis is a Lithuanian painter. more »

Rimantas Dūda

Rimantas Dūda is a Lithuanian painter. more »

Rimantas Šulskis

Rimantas Šulskis was a Lithuanian sculptor and painter. more »

Rinaldo Botti

Rinaldo Botti was an Italian painter active in the Baroque period. He was a pupil of Jacopo... more »

Rinaldo Cuneo

Rinaldo Cuneo, dubbed the Painter of San Francisco, was an American artist known for his... more »

Rinaldo Mantovano

Rinaldo Mantovano, also called Domenico Rinaldo, was an Italian painter from Mantua who was... more »

Rista Vukanović

Rista Vukanović was a Serbian Impressionist painter and husband of painter Beta Vukanović... more »

Rita Ackermann

Rita Ackermann is a Hungarian-American artist. She is currently living and working in New York City more »

Rita Angus

Rita Angus was a New Zealand painter. Along with Colin McCahon and Toss Woollaston, she is... more »

Roar Kjernstad

Roar Kjernstad is a painter who specialises in traditional figurative work. He trained at the... more »

Robert Antoine Pinchon

Robert Antoine Pinchon was a French Post-Impressionist landscape painter of the Rouen School who... more »

Robert Barker

Robert Barker was an English painter from Newcastle-upon-Tyne more »

Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman, OC, OBC is a Canadian naturalist and painter, born in Toronto, Ontario. more »

Robert Bechtle

Robert Bechtle is an American painter, born in San Francisco, California, on May 14, 1932. He... more »

Róbert Berény

Róbert Berény was a Hungarian painter, one of the avant-garde group known as The Eight who... more »

Robert Boyer

Robert "Bob" Boyer was a Canadian visual artist and university professor of aboriginal heritage... more »

Robert Brackman

Robert Brackman was an artist and teacher of Russian origin, best known for large figural works,... more »

Robert Braithwaite Martineau

Robert Braithwaite Martineau was an English painter. more »

Robert Campin

Robert Campin, now usually identified as the artist known as the Master of Flémalle, is usually... more »

Robert Carver

Robert Carver was a Dublin born Irish painter, who worked as a painter of theatre scenery as... more »

Robert Colescott

Robert H. Colescott, was an American painter. He is known for satirical genre and crowd... more »

Robert Colquhoun

Robert Colquhoun was a Scottish painter, printmaker and theatre set designer. Colquhoun was born... more »

Robert Combas

Robert Combas is a French painter and sculptor, born May 25, 1957 in Lyon, France and now living... more »

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