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Obed Gómez

Obed Gómez a.k.a. "The Puerto Rican Picasso" is a Puerto Rican artist of modern art. more »

Obiora Udechukwu

Obiora Udechukwu is a Nigerian painter and poet. Born in Onitsha in 1946 to parents from Agulu... more »

Octav Băncilă

Octav Băncilă was a Romanian realist painter and left-wing activist. He was the brother of Sofia... more »

Oda Krohg

Oda Krohg, née Othilia Pauline Christine Lasson was a Norwegian painter, and the wife of her... more »

Odd Nerdrum

Odd Nerdrum, is a Norwegian figurative painter. Themes and style in Nerdrum's work reference... more »

Odile Crick

Odile Crick was a British artist best known for her drawing of the double helix structure of DNA... more »

Odilon Redon

Odilon Redon was a French symbolist painter, printmaker, draughtsman and pastellist. more »

Odoardo Fialetti

Odoardo Fialetti was an Italian painter and printmaker who began his training during the late... more »

Odoardo Vicinelli

Odoardo Vicinelli was an Italian painter of the late-Baroque period. He trained under Giovanni... more »

Odysseus Yakoumakis

Odysseus Yakoumakis is a Stuckist artist, painter and illustrator, based in Athens, Greece. He... more »

Ogata Kenzan

Ogata Kenzan, originally Ogata Shinsei, and also known by the pseudonym Shisui, was a Japanese... more »

Ogata Kōrin

Ogata Kōrin was a Japanese painter of the Rinpa school. more »

Ogden Pleissner

Ogden Minton Pleissner was an American painter, specializing in landscapes and war art related... more »

Ogura Yonesuke Itoh

Ogura Yonesuke Itoh was a Japanese-American artist. He was born in Japan in 1870. At 25 years of... more »

Ogura Yuki

Ogura Yuki was a nihonga painter in Shōwa period Japan. Her maiden name was Mizoguchi Yuki. She... more »

Ohno Bakufu

Ohno Bakufu was a Japanese painter and printmaker. He was born in Tokyo, Japan. Over his... more »

Okada Beisanjin

Okada Beisanjin, also known as Hikobe, was a Japanese painter. He is first documented as a rice... more »

Olaf Gulbransson

Olaf Leonhard Gulbransson was a Norwegian artist, painter and designer. He is probably best... more »

Olaf Lange

Olaf Helliesen Lange was a Norwegian painter and graphic designer. Olaf Lange was born in... more »

Oleg Lomakin

Oleg Leonidovich Lomakin was a Russian Soviet realist painter, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, who... more »

Oleg Minko

Oleg Terentiyovych Minko is a Ukrainian painter and teacher, belonging to the Lviv school of... more »

Oleksandr Murashko

Oleksandr Murashko was a Ukrainian painter. more »

Oleksii Shovkunenko

Oleksii Oleksiyovych Shovkunenko was a Ukrainian painter and teacher, and from 1947 on a member... more »

Olga Albizu

Olga Albizu Rosaly was an abstract expressionist painter. more »

Olga Blinder

Olga Blinder, was a Paraguayan painter, engraver and sculptor. She lived through the Chaco War,... more »

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