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Rakesh Aggarwal

Rakesh Aggarwal, is a British businessman and founder of the internet cosmetics retailer... more »

Rakesh Jhaveri

Rakesh Jhaveri also known as Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai, is a spiritual leader and Jain... more »

Rakesh Sachan

Template:Rakesh Sachan |Name = Rakesh Sachan |image = |Local = Fatehpur Uttar Pradesh |State =... more »

Rakesh Shah

Rakesh Shah is a Member of Legislative assembly from Ellisbridge constituency in Gujarat for its... more »

Rakoto Joseph Nirina Lamboarivel

Rakoto Joseph Nirina Lamboarivel is a Malagasy politician. A member of the National Assembly of... more »

Ralf Adams

Ralf Heinrich Adams is a biochemist and cell biologist. He is director at the... more »

Ralf Akoto

Ralf Akoto is a German judoka. more »

Ralf Richter

Ralf Richter is a former East German figure skater. more »

Ralf Tyra

Ralf Tyra is a German Lutheran theologian and pastor. Since September 2008 he is the Director of... more »

Ralf van Bühren

Ralf van Bühren is a German art historian, theologian, and Church historian, whose publications... more »

Ralph "Ruffy" Silverstein

Ralph "Ruffy" Silverstein was a champion American wrestler, both as an amateur and a... more »

Ralph Acosta

Ralph D. Acosta is a former Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. more »

Ralph B. Kohnen

Ralph B. Kohnen, Jr. was a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives. more »

Ralph Barnes

Ralph Barnes was the Archdeacon of Totnes from 1775 until 1820. more »

Ralph Blackett

Ralph Blackett was a poet, hymn writer, and businessman, associated with Tyneside in North East... more »

Ralph Bocking

Ralph Bocking, was an English Dominican. more »

Ralph Brunner

Ralph Bunner is a paralympic athlete from Germany competing mainly in category T54 wheelchair... more »

Ralph Cole

Ralph Cole was an English medieval university chancellor. In 1231? and 1233–8, Cole was... more »

Ralph de Bereford

Ralph de Bereford was an English judge, of a legal family possessing large estates in the... more »

Ralph de Gacé

Ralph de Gacé Seigneur de Gacé and other estates in Normandy, was a member of the House of... more »

Ralph de Heyham

Ralph de Heyham was an English medieval ecclesiastical chancellor and university... more »

Ralph de Sempringham

Ralph de Sempringham was an English medieval churchman, theologist, university chancellor, and... more »

Ralph de Warenne

Ralph de Warenne, probable 1st Lord of Whitechurch, Shropshire, was formerly known as... more »

Ralph Dewey

Ralph Dewey, also known as Dewdrop the Clown, is one of the pioneers in not only gospel balloon... more »

Ralph Duncan James

Ralph Duncan James was a Canadian mathematician working on number theory and mathematical... more »

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