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Román Delgado Chalbaud

Román Delgado Chalbaud was a Venezuelan naval officer, businessman and politician. After a... more »

Roman Janoušek

Roman Janoušek is an influential billionaire businessman and lobbyist from the Czech Republic. more »

Roman Kleibl

http://www.kbcprerov.cz/fighters.html Roman Kleibl is Czech kickboxer who has fought for the... more »

Roman Kozlov

Roman Kozlov is a Kazakhstani ice hockey forward who currently plays for Zauralie Kurgan of the... more »

Román Loayza Caero

Román Loayza Caero is a Bolivian politician and farmer. He was a prominent leader in the... more »

Roman Petrović

Roman Petrović was a Bosnian artist. A graduate of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in... more »

Roman Popov

Roman Popov is a Russian professional ice hockey defenceman who currently plays for Metallurg... more »

Roman Rafreider

Roman Rafreider is an Austrian television host and journalist. more »

Roman Simovych

Roman Apollonovich Simovych was a Ukrainian composer, educator and theoretician. Born in... more »

Roman Tokarczyk

Roman Andrzej Tokarczyk is a legal scholar and philosopher, full professor, lecturing at the... more »

Roman Týc

Roman Týc is a Czech artist known for his guerrilla art work in "public space" or "street art"... more »

Roman Vyahirev

Roman Vyahirev is a Russian professional ice hockey forward who currently plays for Torpedo... more »

Romanas Plečkaitis

Romanas Plečkaitis - Lithuanian philosopher, logic, philosophy, history researcher, Doctor... more »

Romance Olivier

Romance Olivier is the sibling of DeAndre Daniels. more »

Romanus of Blaye

Saint Romanus of Blaye was a priest in the Gironde in France. He was active at the end of the... more »

Romany, the Diva of Magic

Romany, the Diva of Magic is a professional magician. She was featured on the cover of The... more »

Rome Duval

Rome Duval is the brother of Diane Ingino. more »

Romée de Villeneuve

Romée de Villeneuve was a Constable and Seneschal of Provence. more »

Romeo Murga

Romeo Murga was a Chilean poet, writer and translator. more »

Romie Adanza

Romie Kris Adanza is an American Muay Thai kickboxer who competes in the flyweight division... more »

Romie Nappi

Romie J. Nappi, also known as Jack Nappi, was a World War II veteran and a political fixer for... more »

Romina Sotto

Romina Sotto is the daughter of Tito Sotto. more »

Romola Sinha

Romola Sinha was a noted women's right and social activist from Bengal, Calcutta, India. She was... more »

Romualda Hofertienė

Romualda Hofertienė is a Lithuanian politician. In 1990 she was among those who signed the Act... more »

Romualdas Brazauskas

Romualdas Brazauskas is a Lithuanian basketball referee. After graduation from Vilnius... more »

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