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Zhang Zhiying

Zhang Zhiying is a retired Chinese shot putter. She won the silver medals at the 1992 World... more »

Zhanna Gromova

Zhanna Feodorovna Gromova is a Russian figure skating coach. Among her former and current... more »

Zhanna Litvina

Zhanna Litvina is a Belarusian free speech activist. She currently serves as chairman of the... more »

Zhanna Yorkina

Zhanna Dmitriyevna Yorkina is a former Soviet Cosmonaut. In December 1961, the selection of... more »

Zhao Boju

Zhao Boju, was a Chinese painter during the early Southern Song Dynasty. Zhao was born in the... more »

Zhao Defang

Zhao Defang, was an imperial prince of imperial China's Song Dynasty. He was the fourth son of... more »

Zhao Fan

Zhao Fan was a minor warlord and prefect of Guiyang Commandery during the late Han Dynasty... more »

Zhao Feng

Zhao Feng was an official of the Chinese Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period state Later Tang... more »

Zhao Guangfeng

Zhao Guangfeng, courtesy name Yanji, formally the Duke of Qi, was an official in the late... more »

Zhao Ling

Zhao Ling is a Chinese archer, who won the silver medal in the team and a bronze in the... more »

Zhao Yan

Zhao Yan, né Zhao Lin, was an official of the Chinese Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period... more »

Zhao Yiguang

Zhao Yiguang was a writer who lived during the Ming dynasty. His wife was Lu Qingzi, another... more »

Zhao Yuanyan

Zhao Yuanyan, officially the Prince Gongsu of Zhou, was an imperial prince of the Chinese Song... more »

Zhao Yun

Zhao Yun. She is the former China women's national volleyball team setter. She now plays for... more »

Zhenfeng Xi

Zhenfeng Xi is a Chinese organic chemist. He was born in April 2, 1963, in Henan Province,... more »

Zheng Baozhu

Zheng Baozhu is a Paralympian athlete from the People's Republic of China competing mainly in... more »

Zheng Congdang

Zheng Congdang, courtesy name Zhengqiu, was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty,... more »

Zheng Lang

Zheng Lang, courtesy name Yourong, was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, serving... more »

Zheng Lianjie

Zheng Lianjie is a Chinese contemporary artist, active in performance art, installation,... more »

Zheng Lücheng

Zheng Lücheng was a Korea-born Chinese composer. He is most notable for having composed the... more »


Empress Zhenge was a Chinese Empress consort of the Yuan Dynasty, married to Külüg Khan, Emperor... more »

Zhenxie Qingliao

Zhenxie Qingliao, was a Chinese Zen Buddhist monk during the Song Dynasty. He was born in... more »

Zhi-Li Yu

Zhi-Li Yu is the sister of Mo-Lin Yu. more »

Zhi-Ning Liang

Zhi-Ning is a Sun certified Java programmer with extensive experience in developing commercial... more »

Zhirayr Ananyan

Zhirayr Ananyan was an Armenian playwright. He is the author of "Taxi, taxi" comedial play, one... more »

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