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Zhu Minmin

Zhu Minmin is a Chinese beach volleyball player. She competed at the 2012 Asian Beach Games in... more »

Zhu Xiaodan

Zhu Xiaodan is the current Governor of Guangdong province in the People's Republic of China. Zhu... more »

Zhu Xiaofeng

朱小丰,诗人、作家、美学家、当代思想家。他用诗淋漓尽致地揭示中国人内心纠结的文化与梦想,探究汉语和汉文字表现力不可思议的极致,展示人类内心的幽暗与智慧光芒。 他用一首看似很平淡的小诗《四库全书》... more »

Zhu Yiqing

Zhu Yiqing is a Beijing-based artist. Cooperating with the other artist Xue Yongjun, they formed... more »

Zhu Yougui

Zhu Yougui, nickname Yaoxi, often known by his princely title Prince of Ying, was briefly an... more »

Zhu Youwen

Zhu Youwen, né Kang Qin, courtesy name Deming, formally the Prince of Bo, was an imperial prince... more »

Zhu Yuchen

Zhu Yuchen is a Chinese film actor. He dated Tang Wei since 1995 and split shortly before both... more »


Zhuozi or Prince Zhuo was for a month in 651 BC the ruler of the State of Jin during the Spring... more »

Živko Andrijašević

Dr. Živko M. Andrijašević is a Montenegrin historian and writer. more »

Zoe Gensel

Zoe Gensel is an American film and television makeup artist. more »

Zoé Jiménez Corretjer

Zoé Jiménez Corretjer is an award winning author from Puerto Rico. She is a professor in the... more »

Zoé Laboy

Zoé Laboy Alvarado is a Puerto Rican attorney and public servant. Laboy served as Secretary of... more »

Zoe Paskal

Zoe Paskal was the father of Mihajlo-Bata Paskaljevic. more »

Zoltán Demeter

Zoltán Demeter is a Hungarian Calvinist pastor and politician, member of the National Assembly... more »

Zoltán Farkas

Zoltán Farkas is a Hungarian politician, member of the National Assembly for Szeghalom since... more »

Zoltán Horváth

Zoltán Horváth is a Hungarian politician, President of the General Assembly of Baranya County... more »

Zoltán Király

Zoltán Király is a Hungarian journalist, educator and politician, member of the National... more »

Zoltán Lengyel

Zoltán Lengyel is a Hungarian politician and member of the National Assembly for Sárbogárd,... more »

Zoltán Mádi

Zoltán Mádi is a Hungarian politician, who served as Mayor of Nyíregyháza between 1990 and 1994... more »

Zoltán Timkó

Dr. Zoltán Timkó was a Hungarian jurist, who served as Crown Prosecutor of Hungary from 1940 to... more »


Zoltes was a chief of the southern Thracians, living in the Haemus mountains area. Leading small... more »


Zophah is one of the descendants of Issachar, one of the sons of the Patriarch Jacob, as found... more »


Zopyrus was a surgeon at Alexandria, and the tutor of Apollonius of Citium and Posidonius. He... more »

Zora Wolfová

Zora Wolfová, née Bartošová was a Czech translator from English and publishing editor. She... more »

Zoraida Sambolin

Zoraida Senoba Sambolin is an American television journalist. more »

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