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V. Y. Mudimbe

Valentin-Yves Mudimbe is a philosopher, professor, and author of poems, novels, and books and... more »

Vācaspati Miśra

Vācaspati Miśra was an Indian philosopher who founded one of the main Advaita Vedanta schools,... more »

Václav Bělohradský

Václav Bělohradský is one of the most famous contemporary Czech philosophers and sociologists. A... more »

Vagbhatananda Gurudevar

Vagbhatananda Gurudevar was a follower of the teachings and mission of Narayana Guru. more »

Val Plumwood

Val Plumwood, formerly Val Routley, was an Australian ecofeminist intellectual and activist, who... more »

Valentin A. Bazhanov

Valentin A. Bazhanov is a professor, chairperson of Philosophy Department at Ulyanovsk State... more »

Vallabha Acharya

Vallabhacharya was a devotional philosopher, who founded the Pushti sect in India, following the... more »

Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva is an Indian environmental activist and anti-globalization author. Shiva,... more »

Vardan Areveltsi

Vardan Areveltsi was a thirteenth-century Armenian historian, geographer, philosopher and... more »

Vasile Conta

Vasile Conta was a Romanian philosopher, poet, and politician. He was born in Ghindăoani, a... more »

Vasile Lovinescu

Vasile Lovinescu was a literary critic, playwright and philosopher. more »

Vasily Rozanov

Vasily Vasilievich Rozanov was one of the most controversial Russian writers and philosophers of... more »


Vasubandhu was an Indian Buddhist monk, and along with his half-brother Asanga, one of the main... more »


Vātsyāyana is the name of a Hindu philosopher in the Vedic tradition who is believed to have... more »

Vern Poythress

Vern Sheridan Poythress is a Calvinist philosopher and theologian and New Testament scholar. more »

Vernon Howard

Vernon Linwood Howard was an American spiritual teacher, author, and philosopher. more »

Vicente Lombardo Toledano

Vicente Lombardo Toledano was one of the foremost Mexican labor leaders of the 20th century. He... more »

Victor Cousin

Victor Cousin was a French philosopher. He was a proponent of Scottish Common Sense Realism and... more »

Victor Kraft

Victor Kraft was an Austrian philosopher, best known for being a member of the Vienna Circle. more »

Victor Reppert

Victor Reppert is an American philosopher best known for his development of the "argument from... more »

Victoria Camps

Victoria Camps is a Spanish philosopher and professor of ethics. She obtained a degree in... more »

Victoria, Lady Welby

Victoria, Lady Welby, more correctly Lady Welby-Gregory, was a self-educated English philosopher... more »


Vidyāraṇya also known as Mādhava Vidyāranya is variously known as being a kingmaker, patron... more »

Vijaya Dasa

Vijaya Dasa was a prominent saint from the Haridasa tradition of Karnataka, India in the 18th... more »


Vijñānabhikṣu was an Indian philosopher who lived in north India. more »

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