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L. E. J. Brouwer

Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer ForMemRS, usually cited as L. E. J. Brouwer but known to his... more »

L. P. Jacks

Lawrence Pearsall Jacks, abbreviated L. P. Jacks was an English educator, philosopher, and... more »

L. T. F. Gamut

L. T. F. Gamut was a collective pseudonym for the Dutch logicians Johan van Benthem, Jeroen... more »

L. W. Sumner

Leonard Wayne Sumner is a Canadian philosopher notable for his work on normative and applied... more »

Lacydes of Cyrene

Lacydes of Cyrene, Greek philosopher, was head of the Academy at Athens in succession to... more »

Ladislav Klíma

Ladislav Klíma, was a Czech philosopher and novelist influenced by George Berkeley, Schopenhauer... more »

Lamina Sankoh

Lamina Sankoh, born as Etheldred Jones, was a Sierra Leonean pre-independence politician,... more »

Langdon Winner

Langdon Winner is Thomas Phelan Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Department of... more »

Lanza del Vasto

Lanza del Vasto was a philosopher, poet, artist, catholic and nonviolent activist. He was born... more »


Lao-Tse is a Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism. more »

Larry Laudan

Larry Laudan is a contemporary philosopher of science and epistemologist. He has strongly... more »

Larry Sanger

Lawrence Mark "Larry" Sanger is an American Internet project developer, co-founder of Wikipedia,... more »

Laurence BonJour

Laurence BonJour is an American philosopher and Professor of Philosophy at the University of... more »

Laurens Perseus Hickok

Laurens Perseus Hickok, American philosopher and divine, was born at Bethel, Connecticut. He... more »

Laurens van der Post

Sir Laurens Jan van der Post, CBE was a 20th-century Afrikaner author, farmer, war hero,... more »

Lawrence Kohlberg

Lawrence Kohlberg was an American psychologist best known for his theory of stages of moral... more »

Lawrence Sklar

Lawrence Sklar is an American philosopher. He is the Carl G. Hempel and William K. Frankena... more »

Lawrence Stepelevich

Lawrence S. Stepelevich is an American philosopher associated with a renewed interest in the... more »

Le Quy Don

Lê Quý Đôn was an 18th-century Vietnamese philosopher, poet, encyclopedist, and government... more »

Leemon McHenry

Leemon McHenry, is a bioethicist and a lecturer in philosophy at California State University,... more »

Leigh McCloskey

Leigh Joseph McCloskey is an American actor, artist and author. more »

Leo Apostel

Leo Apostel was a Belgian philosopher and professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Ghent... more »

Leo Kofler

Leo Kofler was an Austrian-German Marxist sociologist. He ranks with the Marburg politicologist... more »

Leo Kuper

Leo Kuper was a writer and philosopher. He was born to a Lithuanian Jewish family in South... more »

Leo Strauss

Leo Strauss was a German–American political philosopher and classicist who specialized in... more »

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