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F. H. Bradley

Francis Herbert Bradley OM was a British idealist philosopher. His most important work was... more »

F. S. C. Northrop

Filmer Stuart Cuckow Northrop was an American philosopher. After receiving a B.A. from Beloit... more »

Fabrice Hadjadj

Fabrice Hadjadj is a French writer and philosopher. Hadjadj was born in Nanterre to Jewish... more »

Fakhr al-Din al-Razi

Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Umar ibn al-Husayn al-Taymi al-Bakri al-Tabaristani Fakhr al-Din... more »

Fakhr-al-Din Iraqi

Fakhr al-dīn Ibrahīm ‘Irāqī, Persian Sufi master, poet and writer. more »

Fan Zhen

Fan Zhen was a Chinese philosopher of the Southern Dynasty, remembered today for his treatise... more »

Fathullah Shirazi

Fathullah Shirazi, sometimes referred to as Chutiya Fathullah Shirazi, was a Persian-Indian... more »


Favorinus of Arelate was a Roman sophist and philosopher who flourished during the reign of... more »

Fazlur Rahman

Fazlur Rahman Malik was a well-known scholar of Islam. Rahman was born in the Hazara area of... more »

Félix Guattari

Pierre-Félix Guattari was a French militant, an institutional psychotherapist, philosopher, and... more »

Felix Kaufmann

Felix Kaufmann was an Austrian-American philosopher of law. Kaufmann studied jurisprudence and... more »

Félix Ravaisson-Mollien

Jean Gaspard Félix Ravaisson-Mollien was a French philosopher and archaeologist. He was born at... more »

Feng Youlan

Feng Youlan or Fung Yu-Lan was a Chinese philosopher who was instrumental for reintroducing the... more »

Ferdinand Alquié

Ferdinand Alquié was a French philosopher and member of the Académie des sciences morales et... more »

Ferdinand Canning Scott Schiller

Ferdinand Canning Scott Schiller was a German-British philosopher. Born in Altona, Holstein,... more »

Ferid Muhić

Ferid Muhić is President of the Bosniak Academy of Sciences and Arts. He is a professor of... more »

Fernand Brunner

Fernand Brunner was a Swiss philosopher. After studying in Lausanne and in Paris, became a... more »

Fernando Flores

Carlos Fernando Flores Labra is a Chilean engineer, entrepreneur and politician. He is a former... more »

Fernando Pessoa

Fernando Pessoa, born Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa, was a Portuguese poet, writer, literary... more »

Fernando Rielo

Fernando Rielo Pardal was a mystical poet, philosopher, author, metaphysician, and Founder of a... more »

Fernando Savater

Fernando Fernández-Savater Martín is one of Spain's most popular living philosophers, as well as... more »

Firmin Abauzit

Firmin Abauzit was a French scholar who worked on physics, theology and philosophy, and served... more »

Florentius Volusenus

Florentius Volusenus was a Scottish humanist most noted for his De Animi Tranquillitate... more »

Florian Znaniecki

Florian Witold Znaniecki was a Polish philosopher and sociologist. He taught and wrote in Poland... more »

Frances Kamm

Frances M. Kamm is a philosopher specialising in normative and applied ethics. Kamm is currently... more »

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