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W. B. Gallie

Walter Bryce Gallie was a Scottish social theorist, political theorist, and philosopher. Bryce... more »

W. D. Ross

Sir William David Ross KBE, usually cited as W. D. Ross, was a Scottish philosopher, known for... more »

W.E.B. Du Bois

William Edward Burghardt "W. E. B." Du Bois was an American sociologist, historian, civil rights... more »

W.W. Bartley, III

William Warren Bartley, III, known as W.W. Bartley, III, was an American philosopher. more »

Waheed Akhtar

Syed Waheed Akhtar was an Urdu poet, writer, critic, orator, and one of the leading Muslim... more »

Walda Heywat

Walda Heywat, also called Metku, was an Ethiopian philosopher. more »

Walker Percy

Walker Percy, Obl.S.B. was a Southern author from Covington, Louisiana, whose interests included... more »

Walking Stewart

John "Walking" Stewart was an English traveller and philosopher. Known as 'Walking' Stewart to... more »

Walpola Rahula

Walpola Rahula was a Buddhist monk, scholar and writer. He is considered to be one of the top... more »

Walt Whitman

Walter "Walt" Whitman was an American poet, essayist and journalist. A humanist, he was a part... more »

Walter Benjamin

Walter Bendix Schönflies Benjamin was a German literary critic, philosopher, social critic,... more »

Walter Burley

Walter Burley was a medieval English scholastic philosopher and logician with at least 50 works... more »

Walter Charleton

Walter Charleton was a natural philosopher, an English writer. According to Jon Parkin, he was... more »

Walter Ehrlich

Walter Ehrlich was a German philosopher. more »

Walter J. Ong

The Reverend Father Walter Jackson Ong, PhD, was an American Jesuit priest, professor of English... more »

Walter Johannes Stein

Walter Johannes Stein was an Austrian philosopher, Waldorf school teacher, Grail researcher, and... more »

Walter Kaufmann

Walter Arnold Kaufmann was a German-American philosopher, translator, and poet. A prolific... more »

Walter of Mortagne

Walter of Mortagne was a Scholastic philosopher, and theologian. He was educated in the schools... more »

Walter of Winterburn

Walter of Winterburn was an English Dominican, cardinal, orator, poet, philosopher, and... more »

Walter Terence Stace

Walter Terence Stace was a British civil servant, educator, public philosopher and... more »

Wang Bi

Wang Bi, courtesy name Fusi, was a Chinese neo-Daoist philosopher. more »

Wang Chong

Wang Chong, courtesy name Zhongren, was a Chinese philosopher active during the Han Dynasty. He... more »

Wang Fu

Wang Fu was a philosopher from Zhenyuan County, Gansu, Gansu, China. He is best known for the... more »

Wang Fuzhi

Wang Fuzhi, 1619–1692 courtesy name Ernong, pseudonym Chuanshan, was a Chinese philosopher of... more »

Wang Yangming

Wang Yangming, courtesy name Bo'an, was a Chinese idealist Neo-Confucian philosopher, official,... more »

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