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R. B. Braithwaite

Richard Bevan Braithwaite was an English philosopher who specialized in the philosophy of... more »

R. Edward Freeman

R. Edward Freeman is an American philosopher and professor of business administration at the... more »

R. G. Collingwood

Robin George Collingwood was an English philosopher and historian. He was born at Cartmel,... more »

R. Jay Wallace

R. Jay Wallace is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley. His area... more »

R. M. Hare

Richard Mervyn Hare was an English moral philosopher who held the post of White's Professor of... more »

R. M. Martin

Richard Milton Martin was an American logician and analytic philosopher. In his Ph.D. thesis... more »

R. R. Rockingham Gill

Richard Rowan Rockingham Gill, was a lecturer of philosophy—in particular, logic—and is an... more »

R. S. Peters

Richard Stanley Peters was a British philosopher. His work belongs mainly to the areas of... more »

R. Zaehner

Robert Charles Zaehner, or Robin Zaehner, was a British academic who specialised in Eastern... more »

Rada Ivekovic

Rada Iveković is a Croatian professor, philosopher, Indologist, and writer. more »

Radhakamal Mukerjee

Radhakamal Mukerjee, a leading thinker and social scientist of modern India, was Professor of... more »

Radovan Richta

Radovan Richta was a Czech philosopher who coined the term technological evolution; a theory... more »

Radulphus Brito

Radulphus Brito was an influential grammarian, based in Paris. He is usually identified as Raoul... more »

Rafe Champion

Rafe Champion is an Australian writer. He was born in the Australian state of Tasmania, and grew... more »

Raghaveshwara Bharathi

Raghaveshwara Bharathi, is the present pontiff of Shri Ramachandrapura Mutt, Hosanagara in... more »

Raghunatha Siromani

Raghunatha Shiromani was an Indian philosopher and logician. He was born at Nabadwip in present... more »

Raili Kauppi

Raili Kauppi, professor of philosophy at the University of Tampere. She was an internationally... more »

Raimo Tuomela

Raimo Tuomela is a Finnish philosopher. Tuomela received his first degree of doctor of... more »

Raimon Panikkar

Raimon Panikkar-Alemany was a Spanish Roman Catholic priest and a proponent of inter-religious... more »

Raimond Gaita

Raimond Gaita is a German-born Australian philosopher and award-winning writer. He was, until... more »

Raimundo Teixeira Mendes

Raimundo Teixeira Mendes was a Brazilian philosopher and mathematician. He is credited with... more »

Rainer Forst

Rainer Forst is a German philosopher and political theorist, and was named the "most important... more »

Rais Amrohvi

Syed Muhammad Mehdi, known as Rais Amrohvi was an acclaimed scholar, Urdu poet and psychoanalyst... more »

Raisa Gorbacheva

Raisa Maximovna Gorbacheva was the wife of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. She raised funds for... more »

Raïssa Maritain

Raïssa Oumansoff Maritain was a Russian poet and philosopher. She emigrated to France and... more »

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