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Lewis White Beck

Lewis White Beck was an American philosopher and scholar of German philosophy. Beck was Burbank... more »

Lex Hixon

Lex Hixon was an American Sufi author, poet, and spiritual teacher. He practiced and held... more »

Li Ao

Li Ao, courtesy name Xizhi, was Chinese philosopher and prose writer of the Tang Dynasty. He was... more »

Li Kui

Li Kui was an ancient Chinese government minister and court advisor to Marquis Wen of Wei in the... more »

Li Shenzhi

Li Zhenzhi was a prominent Chinese social scientist and public intellectual. Long a trusted... more »

Li Shicen

Li Shicen, born Li Bangfan, was a Chinese philosopher and editor of advanced philosophical... more »

Li Si

Li Si was the influential Prime Minister of the feudal state and later of the dynasty of Qin,... more »

Li Zhi

Li Zhi, often known by his pseudonym Zhuowu, was a prominent Chinese philosopher, historian and... more »

Liang Qichao

Liang Qichao, courtesy name Zhuoru, pseudonym Rengong, was a Chinese scholar, journalist,... more »

Lilli Alanen

Lilli Alanen is a Finnish philosopher and Professor of History of Philosophy at Department of... more »

Lin Yutang

Lin Yutang was a Chinese writer, translator, linguist and inventor. His informal but polished... more »

Linda Martín Alcoff

Linda Martín Alcoff is a philosopher at the City University of New York who specializes in... more »

Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski

Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski is an American philosopher, and is Kingfisher College Chair of... more »

Lindley Darden

Lindley Darden is a contemporary philosopher of science, with a research focus on the philosophy... more »

Linji Yixuan

Linji Yixuan was the founder of the Linji school of Chán Buddhism during Tang Dynasty China. more »

Liu Ji

Liu Ji, courtesy name Bowen and posthumous name Wencheng, was a military strategist, officer,... more »

Liutauras Degesys

Liutauras Degesys is a Lithuanian poet and philosopher. more »

Lon L. Fuller

Lon Luvois Fuller was a noted legal philosopher, who wrote The Morality of Law in 1964,... more »


Longchen Rabjampa, Drimé Özer "Longchenpa" was a major teacher in the Nyingma school of Tibetan... more »


Lopamudra was a philosopher as per the ancient Indian literature. She was the wife of the sage... more »

Loren Lomasky

Loren E. Lomasky is an American philosopher, currently a Professor of Political Philosophy,... more »

Lorenzo Magnani

Lorenzo Magnani, is an Italian philosopher who teaches philosophy of science in the Department... more »

Lorenzo Respighi

Lorenzo Respighi was an Italian mathematician and natural philosopher. Born at Cortemaggiore,... more »

Lorenzo Scupoli

Lorenzo Scupoli was the author of Il combattimento spirituale, one of the most important works... more »

Lou Marinoff

Louis Joshua Marinoff is a philosopher, author, and philosophical practitioner. A dual... more »

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