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Ángel Rodríguez Lozano

Ángel Rodríguez Lozano is a Spanish radio journalist and popularizer of science, best known as... more »

Ányos Jedlik

Ányos István Jedlik was a Hungarian inventor, engineer, physicist, and Benedictine priest. He... more »

Édouard Branly

Édouard Eugène Désiré Branly was a French inventor, physicist and professor at the Institut... more »

Édouard Brézin

Édouard Brézin is a French theoretical physicist. He is professor at Université Paris 6, working... more »

Éleuthère Mascart

Éleuthère Élie Nicolas Mascart was a noted French physicist, a researcher in optics,... more »

Émile Amagat

Émile Hilaire Amagat was a French physicist. His doctoral thesis, published in 1872, expanded on... more »

Émile Verdet

Émile Verdet was a French physicist. He worked in magnetism and optics, editing the works of... more »

Étienne-Gaspard Robert

Étienne-Gaspard Robert, often known by the stage name of "Robertson", was a prominent Belgian... more »

Étienne-Louis Malus

Étienne-Louis Malus was a French officer, engineer, physicist, and mathematician. Malus was born... more »

Ștefan Procopiu

Ștefan Procopiu was a Romanian physicist. more »

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