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D. P Woodruff

David Phillip Woodruff FRS is a British physicist, professor at University of Warwick, and... more »

D. Van Holliday

Dr. Dale Vance Holliday was born in Ennis, Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin... more »

Dan Werthimer

Dan Werthimer is co-founder and chief scientist of the SETI@home project and directs other UC... more »

Daniel Bernoulli

Daniel Bernoulli FRS was a Swiss mathematician and physicist and was one of the many prominent... more »

Daniel C. Tsui

Daniel Chee Tsui is a Chinese-born American physicist whose areas of research included... more »

Daniel Chonghan Hong

Daniel Chonghan Hong was a Korean-American theoretical physicist. Hong was born in Seoul. He... more »

Daniel Frank Walls

Daniel Frank Walls was a New Zealand theoretical physicist specialising in quantum optics. more »

Daniel Friedan

Daniel Harry Friedan is an American theoretical physicist and is one of three children of the... more »

Daniel Frost Comstock

Daniel Frost Comstock was an American physicist and engineer. He attained a B.S. from the... more »

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit was a Dutch-German physicist, engineer, and glass blower who is best... more »

Daniel Gillespie

Daniel Thomas Gillespie is a physicist who is best known for his derivation in 1976 of the... more »

Daniel Kleppner

Daniel Kleppner, born 1932, is the Lester Wolfe Professor Emeritus of Physics at MIT and... more »

Daniel Loss

Daniel Loss is a professor of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Basel... more »

Daniel Rutherford

Daniel Rutherford FRSE FRCPE FLS FSA was a Scottish physician, chemist and botanist who is most... more »

Daniel Webster Hering

Daniel Webster Hering, Ph.D. was an American physicist and university dean. He was born in... more »

Daniel Z. Freedman

Daniel Z. Freedman is an American theoretical physicist. He is a Professor of Physics and... more »

Daniel Zajfman

Daniel Zajfman is an Israeli physicist whose main research interests are centered around the... more »

Dann Passoja

Dann Passoja is a physicist and an artist. more »

Dante Tessieri

Dante Tessieri was an Argentine scientist born in the late nineteenth century. Between many of... more »

Dariush Rezaei-Nejad

Darioush Rezaeinejad was an Iranian engineering student who was assassinated in east Tehran by... more »

Darren Bleuel

Darren "Gav" Bleuel is the author and creator of Nukees, and former co-CEO of Keenspot. He also... more »

Daulat Singh Kothari

Daulat Singh Kothari was an eminent Indian scientist. more »

Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas is a physicist and mathematician, mostly known for his writings and research on the... more »

David A. Weitz

David A. Weitz is a Canadian/American physicist and Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics & Applied... more »

David Allan Bromley

David Allan Bromley was a Canadian-American physicist, academic administrator and Science... more »

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