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Desmond King-Hele

Desmond George King-Hele is a British physicist and author. In 1957, together with Doreen... more »

DeWitt Bristol Brace

DeWitt Bristol Brace was an US-American physicist who was known for his optical experiments,... more »

Dieter Lüst

Dieter Lüst is a German physicist, full professor for mathematical physics at the Ludwig... more »

Dieter Matthaei

Dieter Matthaei is a German radiotherapist and internist. Matthaei studied physics and medicine... more »

Dieter Weichert

Dieter Weichert is a German mechanical engineer specialising in solid mechanics and polymer... more »

Dimitri Nanopoulos

Dimitri Nanopoulos is a Greek physicist. He is one of the most regularly cited researchers in... more »

Dionysis Simopoulos

Dionysis Simopoulos is a contemporary Greek physicist and astronomer, who excelled as an... more »

Dipankar Home

Dipankar Home is an Indian theoretical physicist at Bose Institute, Kolkata. He works on the... more »

Dirk Bouwmeester

Dirk Bouwmeester is a Dutch experimental physicist specializing in quantum optics and quantum... more »

Dirk Coster

Dirk Coster, was a Dutch physicist. He was a Professor of Physics and Meteorology at the... more »

Dirk Kreimer

Dirk Kreimer is a German physicist who pioneered the Hopf-algebraic approach to quantum field... more »

Dirk Polder

Dirk Polder was a Dutch physicist who, together with Hendrik Casimir, first predicted the... more »

Dirk Reuyl

Dirk Reuyl was a Dutch American physicist and astronomer. He was the cousin of astronomer Peter... more »

Dmitri Ivanenko

Dmitri Ivanenko, Professor of Moscow State University, made a great contribution to the physical... more »

Dmitri Skobeltsyn

Dmitri Vladimirovich Skobeltsyn was a Soviet physicist, academician of the Soviet Academy of... more »

Dmitri Z. Garbuzov

Dmitri Z. Garbuzov was one of the pioneers and inventors of room temperature continuous-wave-oper... more »

Dmitriy Rednikov

Dmitriy Redkinov is the brother of Yekaterina Rednikova. more »

Dmitry Lachinov

Dmitry Aleksandrovich Lachinov was a Russian physicist, electrical engineer, inventor,... more »

Domenico Pacini

Domenico Pacini was an Italian physicist noted for his contributions to the discovery of cosmic... more »

Don Kirkham

Don Kirkham was a distinguished soil scientist regarded as the founder of mathematical soil... more »

Don Misener

Don Misener was a physicist. Along with Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa and John F. Allen, Misener... more »

Don Page

Don N. Page is a Canadian theoretical physicist at the University of Alberta, Canada. His work... more »

Donald A. Glaser

Donald Arthur Glaser was an American physicist, neurobiologist, and the winner of the 1960 Nobel... more »

Donald Cooksey

Donald Cooksey, was a son of George Cooksey from Birmingham, England and Linda Dows from New... more »

Donald Ginsberg

Donald Maurice Ginsberg was an American physicist and expert on superconductors. Born in... more »

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