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J. A. Ratcliffe

John Ashworth Ratcliffe, FRS, "JAR or Jack", was an influential British radio physicist. He and... more »

J. B. Gunn

John Battiscombe "J. B." Gunn, known as Ian or Iain, was a British physicist, who spent most of... more »

J. Doyne Farmer

J. Doyne Farmer is an American physicist and entrepreneur, with interests in chaos theory,... more »

J. Ernest Wilkins, Jr.

Jesse Ernest Wilkins, Jr. was an African American nuclear scientist, engineer, mathematician,... more »

J. Hans D. Jensen

Johannes Hans Daniel Jensen was a German nuclear physicist. During World War II, he worked on... more »

J. J. Sakurai

Jun John Sakurai was a Japanese-American particle physicist and theorist. While a graduate... more »

J. M. R. Parrondo

Juan Manuel Rodríguez Parrondo is a Spanish physicist. more »

J. M. Robson

John Michael 'Rab' Rabinovich, later known as J. M. Robson was a geneticist and physicist who... more »

J. M. Ziman

John Michael Ziman was a British-born New Zealand physicist and humanist who worked in the area... more »

J. Willard Gibbs

Josiah Willard Gibbs was an American scientist who made important theoretical contributions to... more »

Jaak Aaviksoo

Jaak Aaviksoo is an Estonian politician and physicist who is the Minister for Education and... more »

Jaan Einasto

Jaan Einasto is an eminent Estonian astrophysicist and one of the discoverers of the large-scale... more »

Jack Goldman

Jacob "Jack" Goldman was an American physicist and former chief scientist of Xerox Corporation... more »

Jack Kilby

Jack St. Clair Kilby was an American electrical engineer who took part in the realization of the... more »

Jack Sarfatti

Jack Sarfatti is an American theoretical physicist. Working largely outside academia, Sarfatti... more »

Jack Steinberger

Hans Jakob "Jack" Steinberger is a physicist currently residing near Geneva, Switzerland. He... more »

Jack Wisdom

Jack Wisdom is a Professor of Planetary Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology... more »

Jacob Bekenstein

Jacob David Bekenstein is Mexican-Israeli theoretical physicist who has contributed to the... more »

Jacob Leupold

Jacob Leupold was a German physicist, scientist, mathematician, instrument maker, mining... more »

Jacques Babinet

Jacques Babinet was a French physicist, mathematician, and astronomer who is best known for his... more »

Jacques Beaulieu

Jacques A. Beaulieu, OC GOQ MSRC is a Canadian physicist who invented the first transversely... more »

Jacques Charles

Jacques Alexandre César Charles was a French inventor, scientist, mathematician, and balloonist... more »

Jacques Curie

Paul-Jacques Curie was a French physicist and professor of mineralogy at the University of... more »

Jacques Distler

Jacques Distler is a physicist working in string theory. He has been a professor of physics at... more »

Jacques Rohault

Jacques Rohault was a French philosopher, physicist and mathematician, and a follower of... more »

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