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Jerome Isaac Friedman

Dr. Jerome Isaac Friedman, Ph.D is an American physicist. more »

Jerrold R. Zacharias

Jerrold Reinach Zacharias was an American physicist and Institute Professor at the Massachusetts... more »

Jerry Goldstein

Jerry Goldstein is a space physicist whose research has focused on the Earth's plasmasphere, a... more »

Jerzy Plebañski

Jerzy Franciszek Plebański Rosiński was a Polish theoretical physicist best known for his... more »

Jerzy Pniewski

Jerzy Pniewski was a Polish physicist. Pniewski was born in Płock. He studied mathematics and... more »

Jiang Mianheng

Jiang Mianheng is the son of Jiang Zemin, former General Secretary of the Communist Party of... more »

Jim Al-Khalili

Jim Al-Khalili OBE is an Iraqi-born British theoretical physicist, author and broadcaster. He is... more »

Jim Falk

Jim Falk is a physicist and academic researcher on science and technology studies. more »

Jim Peebles

Phillip James Edwin Peebles is a Canadian-American physicist and theoretical cosmologist who is... more »

Jim Swedberg

Jim Swedberg is a laser physicist. more »

Jindřich Bačkovský

Jindřich Bačkovský Czech: was an eminent Czech physicist whose work focused on X-ray... more »

Joan Hinton

Joan Hinton was a nuclear physicist and one of the few female scientists who worked for the... more »

Joanna Hoffman

Joanna Hoffman was part of the original Apple Macintosh developer team. She was the only... more »

João Magueijo

João Magueijo is a Portuguese cosmologist and professor in Theoretical Physics at Imperial... more »

Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, DBE, FRS, FRAS is a Northern Irish astrophysicist. As a postgraduate... more »

Jochen Heisenberg

Jochen Heisenberg is a German physicist specializing in nuclear physics, and Professor Emeritus... more »

Joe Farman

Joseph Charles Farman CBE was a British geophysicist who worked for the British Antarctic... more »

Joël Scherk

Joël Scherk, often cited as Joel Scherk, was a French theoretical physicist who studied string... more »

Jogesh Pati

Jogesh C. Pati is an Indian American theoretical physicist at the University of Maryland,... more »

Johan Wilcke

Johan Carl Wilcke was a Swedish physicist. Wilcke was born in Wismar, son of a clergyman who in... more »

Johann Christian Poggendorff

Johann Christian Poggendorff, was a German physicist born in Hamburg. By far the greater and... more »

Johann Friedrich von Eschscholtz

Johann Friedrich Eschscholtz was a Baltic German physician, botanist, zoologist and... more »

Johann Georg Tralles

Johann Georg Tralles was a German mathematician and physicist. He was born in Hamburg, Germany... more »

Johann Georg von Soldner

Johann Georg von Soldner was a German physicist, mathematician and astronomer, first in Berlin... more »

Johann Gottlieb Nörremberg

Johann Gottlieb Nörremberg was a German physicist who worked on the polarization of light. In... more »

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